Keeping Up with the Locals

The idea of picking out an interesting person and profiling them isn’t new — it’s always been among the most popular features of Business First. But the I Live in Louisville portraits done by Leslie Lyons are special — she manages to find the kind of people that make you realize our city has a diverse and rich culture.

This week, she’s found an artist whose singular mission is creating artwork featuring horses. Jaime Corum’s work is being featured at the Brown Hotel starting Friday and running through June 5.

Last week,  she featured a young lady connected to the upcoming Girl Power Day, which is May 12. It’s a celebration of empowerment for girls.

Lyons’ portraits are supported by Heine Bros. and the fiveOtwo organization.

1 thought on “Keeping Up with the Locals

  1. Last week I had the opportunity to spend the week visiting San Francisco. I had the opportunity to walk through many sections of the city and see how diverse the city trully is.

    In fact, there are maps and other guide materials to help me find these diverse areas and what to see and visit when I got there.

    In Louisville we do have a rapidly growing diverse community. In the section of town I am in there is a section that is refered to as “Little Mexico”.

    We have a section in Louisville where many of the Somolians live in and are developing businesses.

    What if instead of giving lots of money to developing the bar business at 4th street live, (which the vast majority of Louisville will never be) we use that money instead to help develop these areas as areas for tourists to visit. That would not only help build all of these folks businesses but would also help to generate the much needed dollars for our community.

    Thank you Leslie for helping us to see the many treasures we have in the wonderful folks that live in our community.

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