Job Woes Continue

If it seems like people are losing their jobs all around you, it’s true. And not just in media.

The latest stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that Jefferson County’s jobless numbers have almost reached 10 percent – at 9.7 for February. That’s the highest among surrounding counties and up .5 percent since January.

The lowest Kentucky rate is in Fayette, at 7.4, but it’s no haven of employment. Every county in Kentucky saw a rise in unemployment from January to February.

The highest is Menifee County at 18.9.

7 thoughts on “Job Woes Continue

  1. Well, I look at the unemployment figures this way. It primarily belongs to the city because Jerry Abramson, Harvey Sloane, David Armstrong and everyone else in Jefferson County and Louisville Metro government over the years saw the destruction of the job base here that fed families, bought houses, provided pensions and retirements. These people are responsible for the fact that thousands and probably tens of thousands of good paying jobs have left this city for good. They do not care as long as their salaries are paid. It doesn’t matter that your nephew is working at a box flipping operation or a plastic manufacturing place making 9 dollars an hour. It doesn’t matter what your education is because in this city education does not count because when you have a Bachelor’s degree and keep getting offered low wage employment it shows. Which is why a lot of the young and bright people have left this community and I am afraid that more will have to leave when the economy gets better, including myself. It might take 2 or 3 years to recover from this mess since the credit markets froze and the job prospects of millions sat in the balance.

    However, locally how many jobs have been lost since 1975 in this city. Tens of thousands by my count to be replaced with service industries, low wage jobs as clerks or baristas or any other low wage occupation. Sorry folks but 10 dollars an hour for a job in this town is nothing and that is the type of future that Louisville has.

    This will infuriate some people but the way I look at it, its very accurate and honest assessment of the job losses and economic prospects for the residents of this city. When the local business community supports sending things down the tubes to the lowest common denominator, it shows in everything that is done in this community. I’ve lived on both sides of this grand river most of my life and I frankly have never seen it so bad here not only with the whole job scenario but the paychecks and wages.

    When people who are college graduates are having problems finding decent work making 30 to 40 K there is a lot of issues here. Considering that wages in our neighboring cities are often thousands more for example, something must give either people will leave or accept things for how they are. Or they will vote to get rid of the corrupt machine that rules this country and this city as a whole.

    A culture of corruption and of greed while you can’t even pay the rent or mortgage on your family home. Oh and realize that the temp services are not going to do anyone a favor either. Because hundreds of local employers use those temp services because they have a low wage and flexible slave labor force. Just my two cents.

  2. I’m not here to defend local government. They’ve made many mistakes. But you can’t lay all the blame for low employment at their feet. This is a national thing.

    Businesses hire people. Businesses fire people. Businesses choose to hire locally, or they choose to ship many of their jobs overseas. It’s business who decide to “consolidate” operations and turn what were once fairly well paying jobs into scarce $10 an hour jobs.

    This, and many other job cutting actions, is what businesses do. It’s in their blood now. You’re right about the greed.

    It didn’t used to be that way. Watch “It’s A Wonderful Life.” There were once MANY George Baileys running the businesses in this city. Now, the Henry Potters have taken over. Most, not all, just don’t care about people.
    Quality workers are seen as an unmanageable liability. Scrooge – ya know him?

    Our local politicians WISH they had enough power to influence these companies, and it’s been my observation that they do, indeed, try. In vain.

  3. Why are these companies leaving Louisville and this state for others? I think our high tax rate is by far the largest motivation for these companies to pick up and move.

    That said, people are not entitled to make a certain wage. It is up to you to make yourself marketable and increase your career prospects.

    You are only worth what it costs to replace you….Period (mayoral employees excluded of course). It has nothing to do with how hard you work. Ditch diggers work hard, but it takes little or no training to replace them. Airline pilots, doctors, and engineers are paid well, because it costs a lot on money to train them

    I am a business owner and have taken great risks, both financially and personally, to start and grow my business. If it wasn’t for me taking those risks, my 12 employees would have well-paying jobs with full benefits. Yet somehow, I am labeled as greedy and I should be taxed to lower my net income.

    If you cannot leave your job and find another one making a similar wage, you should be finding a way to make yourself more marketable. Learn a different trade, go back to school, take some damn risk in your life to better yourself. You are at a greater risk than you realize.

    The only true job security lies in knowing that you and your lifestyle are not dependent on a single job or a single company.

  4. While your comments are very commendable that we should strive to better ourselves and sit around like a bunch of lazy fools, I have to mention that there are a lot of people in this town that are trying to improve themselves but when you have companies that are more interested in kicking people down than giving them a shot to pull themselves up, thats another issue entirely.

    If education and training were the only issue here, then I guess that those highly educated and skilled Information Technology professionals wouldn’t be having their jobs outsourced to India. Or we wouldn’t have people from India reading our medical records, bone scans, etc. Kind of like violating HIPPA laws there right Mark?

    So the fact that education and or training is supposedly the key doesn’t pan out entirely in this town. I’ve seen college graduates in this town working for temp agencies not because they are losers or stupid but because they can’t find paying employment in their fields. Now if that isn’t clueless or stupid of a city such as Louisville to engage in low wage jobs, I don’t know what is.

    This city does a tremendous disservice to itself and the overall community but encouraging this low wage employment through its taxation system, corrupt government, and the whole administrative bureaucratic state that exists here. Its hardly that the young people of Louisville are stupid and do not want to learn new skills. But in reality your family member working at some restaurant through college and still working there or many of your kids friends not being able to find jobs are affecting the tax base of this community for years to come.

    These local employers have been getting away with their schtick for many years of bragging about how much cheaper the wage structure is here versus other metros. Not to mention, the supposedly lower cost of living which is increasing quite rapidly now. One can see it in the stores, once can see it everywhere. After all, you can’t just have one class of society in that most are poor and have a successful society. Instead what you have is a city in severe decline with half of the city living in poverty stricken areas with crime, trash rolling down the streets, and little in the way of pride.

    Its kind of like the people that work at the Rallys down the street. You can tell they are down and out and its a shame because probably at one time in their young lives they actually had some sort of goals and dreams versus living in a city that encourages, promotes, and loves low wage labor. And to wonder why the youth of this community have left time and time again over the years. Quite a shame really but not surprising in light of the low mentality idiots running this community.

  5. I don’t know about violating HIPAA laws as long as the outsourced firm is covered. The reason those IT jobs were outsourced was due to what I stated earlier, you worth what it costs to replace you. The reason IT jobs are easily outsourced is that you don’t have to physically be here and learning the skill is not tremendously costly.

    That said, I share your frustration, but I think that education is only part of the answer. Why aren’t our schools promoting internships and teaching basic economics. A graduate may find themselves with a degree and absolutely no job skills (whole different discussion!). Every graduate should have had at least 2 years of on-the-job experience in their major before they graduate. I waited tables and bartended in school like everyone else to pay my bills, but I also interned to get experience before I graduated. In fact I think a lot of people would be better off working after high school to learn a trade or gain business experience, than going to college.

    My point is that we as individuals have to take it upon ourselves to be self-reliant and find an opportunity is one isn’t there at home of otherwise. You may have to relocate if the jobs aren’t here. You may have to travel a great deal and be on the road for a few years to get the experience needed. I agree with you Jim that the leadership here is horrible, so we have to find a way ourselves. Why aren’t businesses attracted to this community when we are so unwilling to leave it? The reason is that the City and State are not business-friendly (unless you’re Cordish of course). There are higher-paying jobs and more advancement opportunities elsewhere, but many in this community have accepted the lower-paying jobs for the benefits of living and raising their children in Louisville. Until the voting population realizes why businesses are leaving this state for neighboring states, we are not going to change the outlook.

  6. A good company will hire not only the experienced, but also those with the right education level who are trainable. Having a good experience mix is important for having a workforce with a breadth of knowledge, from the latest in educational backgrounding to the deepest in experience.

    To expect people out of college to know the specifics of your business processes is inane. That’s even when they have interned at other companies.

    And I say all this as an engineering student who interned for one full year before graduating college.

  7. No Steve, but it sure as hell beats going into an interview with your only experience waiting tables at the Olive Garden. Since most of my professors in college shunned business and capitalism, young students need to learn about it somewhere.

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