Hard Times for Ford Workers

The struggles in the auto industry are hitting home today — nearly 400 workers at Ford’s Louisville Assembly Plant are being laid off. The plant has about 1,500 employees, but many have been working only every other week as a result of an earlier union concession.

Demand for Ford Explorers is way down, and Ford recently announced it was undergoing a $500 million renovation to produce a new vehicle at the plant. Union leaders keep saying that all the laid-off workers will be needed when the renovation is done in 2011.

While the union is fighting for the jobs, most layoffs will go into effect July 1. WHAS-TV is reporting that the rotating shift plan, which saved hundreds of jobs, is being discontinued so that Ford can further trim payroll.

4 thoughts on “Hard Times for Ford Workers

  1. Having worked at the plant that will be affected by the layoffs, I gotta say my heart goes out to the employees still there. It has been a tough couple of years for autoworkers.

  2. Ford is the only company that continues to build quality vehicles, and their design and technology is keeping pace with their Japanese competitor. The cars they’re planning to bring to this country will only further that end.

    We need to do everything we can to keep these jobs here. Ford has the best chance of surviving of the big 3.

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