Fox41 Gets Karen Sypher On Camera

Fox41’s Candyce Clifft got the woman at the center of the storm on camera Monday.

“How can you judge when you don’t know and you don’t know what my family is going through,” she said, claiming distress over all the media attention since the story hit the media Saturday.

Karen Sypher played the victim in the interview, which appears to have been conducted at her mother’s home. Both she and her mother refer to rumors about Sypher since her claims against Rick Pitino came out. She was ready for the cameras, in a form-fitting top and tight jeans.

“What they did is wrong. Everyone seems to be ‘tell the truth, Karen, tell the truth’ well you know ask them, hook them up to polygraphs. Ask them to tell the truth,” she said.

She was referring to an earlier Fox41 interview, which the station refused to air after it couldn’t prove her claims and the results of a polygraph she took were inconclusive.

Sypher, who filed for divorce from Pitino’s equipment manager in March, brought the attention on herself, calling local TV stations to talk about her claims against Pitino, which no media outlet has aired. The FBI is investigating Pitino’s claim that Sypher is behind an extortion attempt.

21 thoughts on “Fox41 Gets Karen Sypher On Camera

  1. As I said in an earlier comment, they are doing nothing to advance the story. Unless they are going to report all the aspects of the story, why bother? Fox 41 is doing nothing but adding fuel to the fire. Perhaps on purpose to help their ratings.

  2. Fox41 is in a tough position here. Everyone now knows she’s talked to Fox41. What she said is controversial enough to keep under wraps. So what happens next?

    Regardless of the truth of her allegations, Fox41 has the choice between two bad outcomes. If she’s lying, they will be know as the only station in the market that gave significant airtime to someone trying to slander a local legend.

    If she’s telling the truth and it eventually gets out, I doubt they really want to be the local station that was first with the story that could potentially bring down Pitino and set the basketball team back years. That’s not exactly something you’d want to run on your promos, and the Cardinal Nation would not be happy. People blame the messenger quite frequently, particularly when it’s the media.

    Truth be known, I bet the folks at Fox wish she’d never walked through their door.

  3. I haven’t seen crazy eyes like that on a woman since the run-away bride.

    Note to self:
    Never get into a relationship with a woman that you can see the whites of her eyes all the way around the iris. You are destined to end up on TMZ or Greta.

  4. Rick, I got a huge kick out of this: “She was ready for the cameras, in a form-fitting top and tight jeans.”

    But you neglected to mention the ruby-red lipstick!

    Could she have made herself appear less credible?

    Whenever I see someone who has made themselves ugly (or uglier), it takes all the self-restraint I can muster not to ask, “What about this mullet (or caked-on makeup) do you think makes you look good? Does anyone else find it appealing? What kind of feedback are you getting and from whom?”

    I’m becoming so brazen that I recently asked a friend (with unconcealed horror), “What have you done to your hair?!!!”

    And as you know, now I’m saying, “That goatee makes you look like a sexual predator.”

    I may be swingin’ wild, but the world should be a prettier place, yes no?

    And we don’t do the Karen Syphers any favors by not telling them they look like over-made tarts.

    People who lack self-awareness need to be enlightened — partly for their own good.

  5. I would have mentioned her lopsided and obviously fake bosoms and her over-processed straw-colored (and apparently -textured, too) hair.

  6. “Truth be known, I bet the folks at Fox wish she’d never walked through their door.”

    Then they should have told her “thanks but no thanks” or there is always the option to simply kill the story before it ever gets on the air. Some little producer/assignment editor thought this was gonna be a major scoop….until the lawyers got involved.

    I still think Fox 41 looks very stupid for promoting a story that they refuse to do a complete report on.

  7. i know karen, and have talked with rick a couple of times. she’s not a bad person, but doesn’t always use good judgement. i don’t doubt her story, nor do i doubt she tried to extort money from him.

    what bothers me the most, is all the media coverage and attention this is getting, when a bigger tragedy like the school for the blind having to cancel a summer camp gets little or no attention. this means blind kids throughout the state that don’t have the opportunity to interact with other blind kids, learn skills (like reading braille) or even getting a job they dan do- will be unable to do that this year.

    so, people. i urge you to get a life, and spend some of your time and passion on this issue instead.

  8. a. nonymous: I think this is more of an indictment of the local news media getting caught up in salacious stories than about the parties involved. You’re right, there are so many other things we could spend our time on other issues.
    But this is how the majority of humanity behaves: latch onto something incredibly stupid/laughable/ridiculous and bypass the more important things…

  9. The media is simply a reflection of society. If nobody watched, this stuff would not get covered. People say they don’t like it because it’s politically correct to say that. Nobody says they watch the Daytona 500 because of the crash and mayhem potential, and nobody will ever say they like watching American Idol because of the Simon element. But they watch it anyway. They don’t turn away when a crash happens or when Simon slaughters another rube. That’s what the ratings show. That’s why this stuff keeps airing.

    If you really don’t like this kind of coverage and want to do something about it, complain to advertisers in an organized manner. They are the ones writing checks in this system.

    The audience is a tertiary concern to a media outlet. Shareholders and advertisers come first. Yet to an advertiser, customers are a primary concern…it is why they are spending money with the media outlet. Go to the money source and you stand a much better chance of having an impact.

  10. On NPR’s news quiz Saturday afternoon, host Peter Sagal noted that the media sensation over 47-year-old Susan Boyle — the frumpy, rising star on “Britain’s Got Talent” — is diverting attention from more critical issues such as … the Obamas’ new dog Bo.

    Yes, we’re transfixed by trivia, but so long as we pay due attention to the doom-and-gloom stories first and foremost, it’s all good.

    Bimbos like Sarah Palin and Karen Sypher provide some much-needed comic relief amid an otherwise depressing news cycle.

    Our attention to matters trivial and inconsequential doesn’t imply we need to get a life. It means we enjoy diversity in our news diet.

    Without it, I think it the news would be too depressing to consume.

    Moreover, we can learn from anyone who “doesn’t always use good judgment” and be glad when we do.

  11. Maura Liasson eyes, crazy ex-wife eyes, dangerous cougar eyes.

    Lie detectors. They should be banned. They prove nothing.

    Wish we could find out the truth. Doesn’t look like we’re going to get it from 41.

  12. JasonL, David Harpe, and Steve,

    Thank you for your comments. My “get a life comment” may have been a little strong, and I agree with all of you (except for comparing Palin to Sypher!). Using a salacious story like this to maybe get us all to think about the really important issues and hopefully take action, make these stories not only fun, but perhaps useful after all.

  13. Its going to be interesting to see how all of this unfolds and how it is going to be played out in the courts and the media.

  14. I think its just plain unfair how she has been portrayed by the local media and population and mostly because she doesn’t have the reputation and pull of her accuser. We haven’t heard her side of the story. That’s the key thing here.

  15. Steve, comparing Sarah Palin to this woman is laughable. Any objective observer would say if Palin is a bimbo, then Michelle Obama is also a bimbo. Palin has accomplished more in her life than Michelle, and doesn’t hate her country or consider Americans to be “mean”. Thanks for injecting politics into a non-political discussion.

  16. Well, no matter what she says, normal rational sane people do not extort money from anyone. I dismiss her as a loon.

  17. Jim – we cannot hear her side of the story because nothing she has said has any credibility and cannot be substatiated in any form. So the only option would be hear her lie. And people are reacting her appearance because that too makes her less beleivable (right or wrong). As for the Palin comparison that clouds the issue at hand. But to factfinder – Michelle Obama is an Ivy League educated (post graduate degree), successful business woman, Palin has a four year undergraduate degree that took 3 colleges – and 6 years to get – not really the same….but that being said I do not think they are bimbos…there is just an intelligence gap – not a saavy gap I think Palin is ahead in that category

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