Better, Warmer, Midweek Ideas

Darkness on the Edge of the Track: If you’ve wondered what night racing would be like at Churchill Downs, you’re about to find out. The track announced it will bring in temporary lights and run a night-time card on June 19 and 26 and July 2. The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission also approved a couple of new wagers. [Churchill Downs]

Never Trust a Guy Named Wavy: Joe Arnold’s lead story on the WHAS-TV newscast last night focused on a 26-year-old guy named Wavy Curtis Shain, who was admitting in federal court that he was operating a mortgage scam/scheme that ripped off a bunch of homeowners. He won’t quite say he’s sorry. And check out the full interview to see some real squirming. [WHAS-TV, Interview]

Bunning Whiffs: Sen. Jim Bunning would lose to any of the Democrats considering running against him in 2010, according to a new poll. So Page One is asking when he’ll give up. [Page One]

Now That’s a Tease: A banner on today’s C-J alerts readers that the paper’s front page will be different tomorrow.  “…an artist’s world of inspiration and creative expression.” We can’t wait.

Witnesses Need Protection: When a woman was gunned down in broad daylight in Shelby Park last month, and it turned out she was a witness in a double homicide case, it didn’t take a detective to figure out what happened. But there is little protection available for witnesses in Kentucky. [LEO]

Nothing Wrong with Second: The worst thing to come out of the Lady Cards’ second-place finish in all of college basketball is that Rep. John Yarmuth and Gov. Steve Beshear are putting packages of gifts together for their counterparts in Connecticut this morning. The Lady Cards gave fans hope early on, actually leading briefly, but lost last night to the best team on the planet.  [Crawford]

2 thoughts on “Better, Warmer, Midweek Ideas

  1. “But there is little protection available for witnesses in Kentucky”

    You can’t carry a cop 24/7, but you can take responsibility for and be prudent about your own safety by carrying a concealed firearm.

  2. I think his name is Wavy due to the single wave of hair on his otherwise bald forehead. This guy is a scammer from way back..has told many that he was getting pseudo celebs from reality shows to make appearances, hip hopshows at clubs and even Mixed Martial arts events.

    Also, this is the same guy who sued to have Mitch McConnell’s aide (Hunter ?) disqualified from the govs race a few years back

    He loves attention and is a true narcisstic scumbag

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