WFPK Asks For and Receives Criticism

Fresh off a record fund-raising campaign, WFPK-FM asked its listeners to provide some feedback on the station. Of the current 26 comments, most were big fans of the station raving about its virtues.

The station made a dangerously open-ended request: “Describe WFPK.”

Maybe the plan was to come up with some new slogans. However, a couple of listeners took the opportunity to complain about the direction of the station. One said it used to be good, but has gone downhill over the years. This because there’s too much event promotion and not enough music. Another said certain songs are too often repeated, that the station should not repeat songs.

Maybe the station is evolving. Is it getting better, or worse. That’s totally subjective, and in the category that counts most of its executives, fund-raising and underwriting, the station’s seems to be doing just fine.

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