Roaring In On Economics, Politics and Hate

The economic woes of the world aren’t for everybody, when a local hospital organization antes up big-time for a sports arena. Here’s what’s going on as we move, finally, into March.

Norton Hearts Arena: The first of the downtown arena’s sponsors is Norton Healthcare, which gets to open an Immediate Care Center in the building and put up all kinds of signage for $1 million per year. They’re in for 10 years.  Could this be payback for Norton stealing all those brain surgeons? More on that later. [C-J]

Harvey’s Good Night: If you’ve been alive in the last 50 years, you know Paul Harvey, who died Saturday. He was 90. WHAS was one of many radio stations that had recently dropped Harvey’s daily commentaries, citing the icon’s infrequent appearances on his own show.  Check the link here for some tributes. [V.V., Harvey site]

Political Divorce: The little spat between Kentucky’s Republican Senators has become what Pat Crowley calls a “Kentucky-style divorce.”  Jim Bunning and Mitch McConnell have irreconcilable differences about the 2010 race for Bunning’s seat, and Bunning threatened to retire and let Gov. Beshear appoint his successor last week. [Enquirer]

On the Funny Farm: Mitch McConnell making jokes for conservatives at the CPAC event, where he says conservatives are more fun than liberals. Yea, that’s funny, Mitch. [FatLip]

Kaelin’s Coming Back? The famed birthplace of the cheeseburger closed Saturday night. A thread on the Louisville HotBytes Forum speculates that it’s for good, but signs on the door indicate owners plan to re-open after a remodel. Still, that can’t be good. [Consuming Louisville]

Party Over at KDP: You can read Jennifer Moore’s farewell address to the Kentucky Democratic Party, in which she takes credit for a bunch of accomplishments that I’m confident Jake will soon dispute. And Page One proclaims, “An era of bullshit, hatred, wasted money and all-around laziness is OVER!” [WHAS, Page One]

Rumor Mill Spins at 32: We’re getting rumors that WLKY’s newly hired traffic reporter, Alexandra Koetter, is leaving the station. Meanwhile, we were impressed with the weekend debut of part-time meteorologist Lauren Jones. And we were wrong about one thing. New reporter Erin Haynes is a part-time, not full-time, hire.

Sweeping News: Did anyone miss the fact that there weren’t any big sweeps stories on local news in February? It was part of an industry-wide decision to postpone the ratings measurements for a month due to the digital TV transition. So get ready for local newscasts to work a little harder for a few weeks, starting today.

Monday’s Dept. of Hating: The Family Foundation’s David Edmunds makes another illogical anti-gay argument that only homes headed by married couples should be allowed to care for childen.  [C-J OpEd]

And A Little Racism: And the C-J editors allow a racist comment about Obama written by one of their own bloggers to go unchallenged. From Point Taken blogger Terry Sullivan: The captain has his head so far up his ass he can taste Afro Sheen. That’s no anonymous blogger, C-J, it’s one of your own. [C-J]

10 thoughts on “Roaring In On Economics, Politics and Hate

  1. Surprisingly, Mitch did say something insightful at CPAC:

    “Today, Democrats represent all 23 congressional districts in New England,” said Mr McConnell. Bashing moderate Republicans “might be fun, in a college debating sort of way,” but it wasn’t the way for the party to come back. “You don’t expand your appeal by turning away from those who are the most loyal.”

  2. Dave Edmunds makes a very logical argument. There are overwelming statistics to back it up. It’s not about hating anyone, it’s about what’s best for the innocent child.

  3. Isn’t Norton Healthcare now an arena tenant? How is getting to open/run an immediate care center from the arena a “sponsorship”, and not a lease?

    It’s a lease agreement, regardless of the spin coming from Host and his mouthpiece, the C-J.

  4. McConnell reminds me of a turtle, too. Remember the old Tootsie Pop commercials? They had a tortoise and an owl, I think. He looks like the tortoise.

  5. I’m gonna comment on WLKY.
    Am I the only one that seems to think that WLKY is heading in the wrong direction? They have lost more people in the past 3 months than any other station. I know its partly due to the actions of those who work there, and also the economy… but seriously, WLKY is in a downfall. I hope they can turn it around for the communities sake. (WAVE is still better. :))

  6. hey keatssycamore, if the immediate care center makes it a lease, then Norton is paying somewhere between $250 and $500 a foot depending on the size of the center (2000 or 4000 square feet), which is probably closer to 2000. Seems like a lot of dough with all the vacany downtown space.

  7. vestigium,

    So you’re saying that because something is expensive it’s not a lease? Really? Even though you’ve acknowledged that Norton will have 2000 to 4000 square feet in the arena to run the immediate care center?

    I’m not sure I understand. Perhaps you could be more explicit about what you mean? If it’s not a lease, then what is it?

  8. Really. It’s a sponsorship. Leased space downtown in modern buildings would cost no more than $30 per square foot. Norton is using charitable money, intended to be used to provide healthcare, to sponsor athletics.

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