More to Life Than Basketball Edition

Time to quit filling out those brackets and get to work…

Forde Takes the Cards: If you really want to be in-the-know about all this NCAA Tournament buzz – read Pat Forde’s column at ESPN. If you can’t wait until the end of the piece to know who he picks — we just told you. They play Friday at 7:10 in Dayton, and could face Morehead State. Western takes on Illinois in Portland, Ore. in a late game Thursday.

It is All About the Money: Remember last year when Louisville, Indiana and Kentucky were all in the NCAA and playing all over the map. Local TV stations scrambled to send crews to every locale featuring a local team. No one’s happier than the GMs that the only team they have to follow is U of L, and they’re not likely to travel far.  Oh, the Cats do have a home game Tuesday against UNLV.

Seven Weeks: Actually, less than 7 weeks til Derby Day. The new favorite is Friesan Fire, winner of Saturday’s Louisiana Derby.

Gannett Closes a Paper: After 138 years in business, the Tucson Citizen is no more. Gannett will shut down the afternoon paper on Saturday. [Death of Newspapers]

Weeding Out Realtors: The big Sunday story in the C-J was about how 500 realtors have given up the business because of the economic downturn, i.e. nobody’s buying houses. Semonin’s Brad DeVries said some firms will likely go out of business this year. [Courier]

National Attention for Radio Want Ads: Producers at CNN heard about this Radio Want Ads business that Francene cooked up at WHAS, and sent a reporter to do a story on it. [CNN]

The End May Not Be Near, But It’s Coming: That interview with Fed chairman Ben Bernanke on 60 Minutes last night was good TV. It was also funny that during  a new break in the show there was an item about AIG paying bonuses to employees. [CBS]

Mum on Humana: No one in the big structure on Main Street is talking, but rumors about a possible takeover of Humana boosted the stock price Friday.  Industry analysts are all over the rumor. [Bloomberg]

Stimulating News: This morning, Jerry Abramson will announce that money for new walking paths, bike lanes and sidewalks is in the federal stimulus plan.  He’s making the announcement at California Park on W. St. Catherine. [Press Release]

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