Middle of the Day Musings on Mountains, Etc.

The Real Change We Meant: According to a NY Times editorial, President Obama can stop, or at least slow down, the efforts of mining companies trying to practice mountaintop mining. All he has to do is order the Corps of Engineers to stop issuing permits. [NY Times]

Status Quo at Six Flags: In an earnings call this morning, Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro insisted that guests will see only improvements in operations at the parks, including Kentucky Kingdom. He calls those pesky financial questions “back of the house” issues that involve creditors. And they need a really good year. [Six Flags]

Some Good Economic News: A high-tech Fortune 500 company is opening a new facility on Strawberry Lane.  The Mayor and the Governor are swooping in to take credit at a celebration on Wednesday.  The company, ACS, provides IT support for the trucking and travel industry. [ACS]

Showing Up is All It Takes: The C-J’s special investigation finds that police officers who don’t show up for court cases don’t get disciplined, and it often results in bad guys going free. It was a five-month investigation, exposing lax policies in the police department. [Courier]

4 thoughts on “Middle of the Day Musings on Mountains, Etc.

  1. Around 10:55 this morning I heard some guy call in to Joe Elliott on WHAS suggesting that people buy, ammo, guns and canned goods to get ready for the revolution that’s coming. He identified himself as “Kentucky Militia” or something like that. He said he ran a construction business on a purely cash basis so he doesn’t pay taxes. He added that if we don’t know about the revolution then we needed to start listening to Glenn Beck and Chuck Norris.

    Is anyone else disturbed by these creeps? Plus, isn’t there a law against rallying an armed rebellion against our government? Norris has suggested that Texas leave the Union. These nuts seem to want another civil war.

    Wouldn’t WHAS have this guys number from caller ID? If so, they should report this local Tim McVeigh to the FBI. This wacko needs a little visit from the people we pay to protect us from his crappy little militias.

  2. I think there’s this baseless idea amongst a few individuals that Obama wants to take away our guns, even though there has never even been a suggestion by Obama of doing anything remotely close to this. Even if you are conservative, you have to admit there’s no evidence of a movement to ban guns. Even as a liberal myself, I wouldn’t support that, and if Obama was moving in that direction, I would be soured on him immediately.

    It’s possible there some kind of baseless propaganda being spread around that is riling up some very ignorant people. We need to find out where this propaganda is coming from and snuff it out with the facts.

  3. Did Mr. Shapiro mention the big WHOOPS at Six Flags KY Kingdom or is he the big wig over all the parks and not just the local park. Last year Mile High Falls , the Zepplin, and Twisted Twins were shut down because “we” were told that there was a new ride going in that area during off season and they were preparing for construction. Well, there is NO new ride and they don’t plan on opening those three attractions this year either. No reasons have been given as to why, especially since these are two extremely large attractions at the park. I’m just curious?

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