15 thoughts on “Life Hands Louisville a Lemon

  1. cool!!!! Making lemonade out of lemons shows that all the naysayers never really win…creativity prevails!!!!!!!! It’s possible to have a sense of humor in Louisville.

  2. “So…what are the odds they contacted Eric Idle for permission to use the song?”

    Exactly, Earl! Idiots. What? Another rule? Another law? Thieves.

  3. These idiots take the cake and it is no wonder why our city gets such a bad rap. Get some brains running this community and in the economic development side of things and get some real jobs here. Not cutesy type of stuff that is going to mean nothing down the road. Real economic development, good jobs, good schools, and finally street lights so we don’t mugged when we walk outside.

    Oh and by the way Jerry, did you just say that we finally got flush toilets and running water. Sorry but if we can’t do better than what we are currently doing, we will need some real help. But in Louisville where the idiots run the mayors office and economic development boards, they are still trying to figure out why the youth keep moving away from here. Sad but true.

  4. Jim, you’re right: if the local economic development folks had any brains, they would hold a public summit to get ideas from us about how to stimulate local business, create good jobs, and keep the youth from moving away. If the mayor can hold a certainly needed pedestrian summit, and if we can have a food summit, certainly we can have a “building the local economy” summit.

  5. Just saying…radio stations and bars have to pay royalties to the owner of the music, why shouldn’t the mayor or his “creative team” that ‘borrows’ other people’s ideas without their permission?
    Have you forgotten the whole Christmas at Who(me?) ville?
    Is this guy a member of the bar, and if so, did he pass it on the first try?

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