Friday Night Fights Revisited

If you missed it Friday, check out some great video from WHAS-TV’s Mark Hebert, who happened to be waiting outside Memorial Coliseum for the Billy Gillispie press conference when the coach came casually strolling by, talking (or more likely acting like he was) on his cell phone.

Some viewers thought the station went too far in chasing the coach down the corridor, but you have to wonder why Gillispie took the walking route he did when there were plenty of other options. That’s WLEX-TV sports director Alan Cutler actually giving chase and circling around Gillispie, who actually takes off running to get away.

Of course, now that it turns out they were right, we’re giving WHAS-TV’s Kyle Draper and Danielle Santoro credit for working sources inside the UK athletic department to report first last Thursday night that Gillispie was indeed going to be released on Friday.  Still, it was a risk, but it helped the station get the lead on the story.

Then there was Gillispie’s bizarre press conference on Saturday, launching the debate as to whether he should get the $6 million he thinks he deserves that’s mentioned in the buyout clause of his memorandum of understanding (remember he never signed a contract).

Expect UK to keep media members busy chasing the story of the hiring of their next coach this week. Our money’s on a big announcement before the Final Four starts Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights Revisited

  1. That whole Billy G scene was an embarrassment. It’s not like he was some high-profile convicted felon that nobody would ever be able to talk to before he went away. He was a basketball coach that was just fired, they already had plenty of footage of him coming and going, and he already had a press conference scheduled for the next day.

    What moron bothers to chase someone in that situation through two doors and at a run down a hallway? Did they think they were going to get the scoop on some amazingly quotable variation of “I’m on the phone”?

    I think Billy should start advertising for a cell phone company. “When I’m being chased by the media, I need a strong signal…”

  2. The media wouldn’t chase if Gillispie would take the phone off his ear, stop, gather the press and say the following: My feelings are very raw right now and I don’t think it’s in my best interest to make a statement. I have to go gather my belongings right now. I will talk to the media at length tomorrow. Thanks for understanding.

    And then go inside.

    It gives the media what they’re after: ONE soundbite. It keeps him off Youtube. And most of all, it makes him look like a nice guy. I suppose if he wasn’t capable of that before, he wouldn’t know to do it then. I consult cheaply.

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