Eavesdropping in Memphis

This is what the reporting on the John Calipari situation has come to, as we await a decision at any moment from the man himself regarding the UK coaching job.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal‘s Geoff Calkins reported a story on Calipari’s eight-minute stop at a Memphis donut shop, with his information verified by a source who didn’t ask any questions, but eavesdropped on the coach’s comments from a nearby booth. We’re wondering if the use of confidential sources has gone too far.

Based on Calkins’ story, the C-J picked it up, reporting the exchange under the headline: Calipari to Make Decision This Afternoon. If you didn’t know better, you’d think Calipari had actually told someone in the media he was going to make a decision at a certain time.

Remember, it wasn’t a reporter who overheard the conversation, but some unnamed source who apparently happened to be there when the coach walked in.

Oh, Calipari was also heard to say that he was going to be driving around Memphis today to make up his mind on accepting the job.