Update on HB 28 – Parental Visitation Rights

House Bill 28, which came into existence after problems James Rhoades was refused visitation of his son, has been a hot topic of discussion in political circles all across the Commonwealth. It’s been the subject of laughter, tears and outrage. And it’s still on the minds of everyone in Frankfort because it has everyone questioning whether or not prominent families get special treatment. (Duh)

For more on HB28 and the Rhoades situation and an examination of feigned outrage from the far right over the bill, click here For the text of the proposed legislation, click here to visit the Legislative Research Commission.

Now down to business: yesterday the Catholic Conference of Kentucky joined the Family Foundation in opposition to House Bill 28.

Robert Castagna, director of the conference, said Kentucky’s bishops met Wednesday to decide the bill would “weaken marriages.” When asked if bishops considered the effects on children involved in such perilous situations, Castagna said kids could wait until they’re 18 years of age to discover the truth. He also said they wouldn’t be posting their position on their website, ushering in a new era of operating under the cover of darkness.

So much for ‘the truth will set you free,’ right?

So much for wanting to be a part of your child’s life. So much for honest folks who want (seems to be rare these days) to be a significant part of their child’s life.