Talking Ethics and Other Late Breaking News

Ethically-challenged: If you’re wondering what your favorite Metro Council member has been up to, it’s likely to be ethics-related. At tonight’s Metro Council meeting, the long-awaited Ethics ordinance could be passed, Or maybe not. Chances are they won’t agree. We’ll have something on it soon.

Today’s Bad Gannett News: One day after Gannett slashed its shareholder dividend by 90 percent, Moody’s downgraded its credit rating. The official term for Gannett stock: Junk. [Wash. Biz Journal]

Miss the Job Jam: Francene’s big shindig at Bellarmine Saturday was a big hit, with more than 400 people showing up to learn the basics of the job-search process. Now you can watch it on KET’s website. [KET]

Speaking of Her: Francene is among those who don’t think it would be so bad if kids have to go to school in June to make up for missed days from the ice storm. I don’t know if she or Jake make the more compelling argument against waiving the days, as the legislature voted to do. [LEO, Page One]

Learn Some History: There’s a great profile of the late civil rights organizer Anne Braden of Louisville on the Concrete Loop, an annoying website. But the story’s worth reading. [Concrete Loop]

Political Rumoring: Oh,boy that Jake is turning up some great political rumors — including the possibility that both Dan Seum and Doug Hawkins are going to be getting serious opposition when they run for re-election in 2010. We love this stuff. [Page One]

Crossing the Line:  I used to work at a private business that was constantly pushing religion on employees. Nothing wrong with that. But we draw the line when city employees use official e-mail accounts to drum up interest in religion. Hal Heiner assistant Stephen Ott doesn’t have a problem with promoting an Easter discussion group at City Hall. [Page One]

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