One Big Fat Step Too Far

I thought we already decided that it was not the city government’s business to police the fat content of the product served at local restaurants.

However, the trans fat ban, authored by Dan Johnson (who would have thought a goofy anti-business ordinance would come from this guy) is going to be a topic of discussion at the Metro Council for the next few months. Dr. Adewale Troutman, director of the public health department, appeared before the Democratic caucus last week.

It’s one thing to start an education campaign to let people know that certain foods can make you fat. Encouraging healthy eating habits is a great way to get people to voluntarily change bad habits.

But it’s a fat step over the line to dictate to local businesses how they make their foods. I remember listening to Council meetings at least a year ago in which reps of local bakeries told the Council how devastating such a ban would be on their business.  Today’s story in the C-J quotes the president of the Kentucky Restaurant Association saying it would drive up prices at a time when businesses are struggling.

So it’s also shaping up as a partisan issue in the Council, and Republicans will likely be united against any legal requirements on businesses. Let’s hope a few Democrats will recognize the shortcomings of Johnson’s ban as well.

12 thoughts on “One Big Fat Step Too Far

  1. Why stop here? Let’s legislate everything that is bad for us out of existance. Cigarettes will be $100 a pack, the speed limit will be 10 MPH. We can also configure our vehicles where cell phones won’t work in them, along with the radio/CD/MP3 players while the vehicle is in motion.

    The arrogance of our elected “leaders” never cease to amaze me.

  2. We need to legislate Dan Johnson and his type of people from being legislators. Maybe legislating these people without common sense would be a great start. Just about as communistic as silly smoking bans, trans fat bans, and every other type of ban this administration and Troutman try to pass. Not to mention that Troutman needs to get a new job

  3. Our politicians need to choose better things to do with their time.. no excuse me .. our time they are wasting. We go to McDonalds and places like this to eat fattening foods.. we do not need to have a fat count charts and lists to read.. we already ignore them already. Please stop wasting our time and money and work on saving money instead of wasting it. Idiots!

  4. Someone please cite me an example of second-hand obesity.

    Please. Just one.

    Fat man says to his fat child, “Hey son/daughter want Mickey D’s again for the 7 th time this week? I’ll let you have an extra Big Mac, tasty sundae and super-size all of it. You can even finish my fries.”

    Not that I agree with the measure, but you asked for ONE example and the example above, well, that’s second-hand obesity, no?

  5. This isn’t about fats in general. Trans fats aren’t needed in baking, and can be substituted. Like, instead of margarine, use butter. Go figure.

    Trans fats are BAD for the heart. Way bad. They need to be banned. But if banned, businesses need to be given an ample window of time for compliance.

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