It’s News Because It’s Weird Edition

A Trinity Mystery: Anybody want to take a shot at guessing what the big security issue is at Trinity? The high school is closed, and officials say they’ll have news for the public on this “obscure threat” by 4 p.m.  I’m betting that whatever it is won’t stay secret that long. [C-J]

Billy’s Slide: Maybe Billy Clyde Gillispie is just another one of those coaches who doesn’t handle losing well. When he was rude to ESPN’s Jeanine Edwards in a sideline interview (twice), we thought it might have been a sexist thing, and it was pretty embarrassing. Now he’s giving grief to play-by-play man Tom Leach for having the nerve to question the way he benched his best player. [Eric Crawford]

Now This Will Help Tourism: The state House has approved a measure to allow alcohol sales in state parks, opening up a whole new revenue stream and making the parks more attractive to all sorts of groups. For the parks in dry counties, it will require a local option election. Can you imagine a dry county where the only place to get alcohol is the state park? [WFPL]

That’s A Reach: That was Fox 41’s Bill Lamb’s reaction to a demand by local NAACP officials that he take a stand against a New York Post cartoon that’s being called racist.  Here’s the NAACP logic – Lamb is a Fox affiliate, and Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., which also own the NY Post. Lamb, who was out of town, said, “This has nothing to do with me or the station.  I don’t feel an automatic obligation to get involved in somebody else’s battle.” But he said he would consider the request.

Nunn’s Defense: A 29-year-old woman claims that Steve Nunn, an official in the state’s Health and Family Services division, verbally and physically abused her. So the state put him on leave without pay until the case is resolved.  Nunn says he’s innocent, and so does his ex-wife. He’s worked on domestic violence protection issues in the past.  The woman claims Nunn hit her in the face at her home. [WHAS-TV]

Bad News for Bikers: If you’re on a bike and somebody hits you with their car, and a police officer doesn’t see it, you’re still screwed. Police won’t be arresting the driver. That’s because HB 88 died in Frankfort yesterday  [Barry’s Bike Blog]

Get ‘Em All in One Place: There’s a new anti-Jerry Abramson group on Facebook, organized by frequent V.V. commenter Steve Magruder. Now Jerry can keep track of his enemies, of which nearly 400 have already signed up. [Facebook]

4 thoughts on “It’s News Because It’s Weird Edition

  1. Selling alcohol at state parks will draw tourists from well outside our borders, so it’s a great thing. I’ll bet 90 percent of all users of state parks bring in their own booze anyway, so why not tap into that revenue stream?

    Far as the cycling law, its proposed protections and its death … I cycled well into my early adult years and had lots of near misses due to my own and auto drivers’ mistakes. That’s what happens when you mix up a lot of humans moving at high speed. It just an unfortunate risk of sharing the roads with cars.

    But now as an older adult, I see things a little differently, namely the fact that roads were built first for cars, and car and fuel taxes maintain them. (I’ve not seen a bike tax that paves roads. Has anyone else?) Without cars paying and paving the way, there wouldn’t be any roads for cyclists, right? So isn’t some subordination implied there?

    Does that excuse dangerous treatment of cyclists? No way. All drivers should be as careful and patient as possible with cyclists or pedestrians. We’re talking common decency here.

    But cyclists should realize the roads were built for heavy vehicles moving at high speeds. So wherever possible, don’t block traffic (as happens way too often out here in Oldham County) and bypass main roads for everyone’s safety.

    All in all, everyone just needs to watch out for each other. Not sure we need a new law to mandate it.

  2. I heard that there was an anonymous note found at Trinity, indicating that someone was going to be shot there today. Sounds like it might have been a prank, but it was obviously something that they had to take seriously.

  3. Get ready because there may be another anti Jerry Abramson page coming soon. Just keep your eyes open folks both on blog and on Facebook

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