Forecastle’s Spring Tour

These days, we’re happy to write about anything with the word “spring” in it.

But the Forecastle Festival is becoming a bigger deal.  The music, art, activism event just announced dates and locations for six events on its spring tour, including stops in Lexington, Indianapolis, Bloomington, Nashville and Cincinnati. There’s one at Headliners here in town on April 7.  Here’s a link to the schedule. Artists will be announced soon.

There was a “Halfway to Forecastle” event at the Green Building last month that sold out.

This year’s big event in Louisville is July 10-12.

1 thought on “Forecastle’s Spring Tour

  1. Hopefully they can finally get some good music. He really needs to look at some of these festivals that bring in more up and coming bands, Pitchfork festival in Chicago would be good example. Tons of great bands, variety, and CHEAP. Tickets prices are, or were, similar, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t get some better bands in there. Not complaining. I hope it grows, but they deceive when they say it’s one of the biggest festivals of the summer. I’ve been several years and the crowd really doesn’t seem any bigger than a waterfront Wednesday, even for his ‘big’ acts that headline Friday night. Hope it grows and turns into something…but please no more jam bands…or overly long video montages set to Springsteen that consist of nothing but the founder patting himself on the back. That was a little much.

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