Covering the Trinity Threat

Let’s not make light of the evolving situation at Trinity High School, where classes were canceled today because of some mysterious “obscure threat.”

School officials are doing their best to control media coverage, and plan to hold  a press conference in about two hours, at 4 p.m. President Rob Mullen has not disclosed any details of the threat, and TV stations and the C-J have generally stuck with the story that classes were canceled after a threat came to light on Thursday.

But if you take a look at the coverage, as I did, you would notice that only WHAS-TV is providing additional details, revealing that the threat stems from a note found in a classroom Thursday that said there would be a shooting on Friday during fourth period.  We got a similar tip here at the V.V. None of the other media has those details in its coverage.

The C-J is covering the 4 p.m. press conference live online, and it’s likely to be a big story tonight.  Let’s hope there’s nothing to it.

3 thoughts on “Covering the Trinity Threat

  1. So, do you think it’s irresponsible of Trinity to withhold that info until a certain time or do you think WHAS is irresponsible for letting everyone in on what they believe to be the story before the party involved chimes in?

  2. The more I hear of this, the more it sounds like some people over reacted. Something not totally uncommon these days. Rob Mullen said the threat was very vague, that it was written on a desk and they didn’t know even when it was written.

    So we are closing down schools on “vague” threats now?

  3. The threat had to be investigated, so closing for a day was necessary. What was uncalled for was the vague announcement made regarding the closing Thursday night by school officials.

    Get a clue Trinity…if you don’t want people to know why you are closing, but you have to close, tell them its a coolant leak from a refrigeration unit in the cafeteria, HVAC problem, water main break, power outage, or some other such nonsense…or ask Karl Rove, I’m sure he has some ideas.

    The public was lied to by omission for 18+ hours…if I was handing over my hard earned money for my son to attend Trinity, I would be demanding the resignation of the person who made the decision to lie by omission.

    Bravo to WHAS-11 for reporting the additional information before confirmed by the school…the public has a right to know what persons in power are doing and why…thus why a Republican no longer resides in the White House…this is known as Freedom of the Press, perhaps you’ve heard of the First Amendment?

    Would it have been such a disaster to come out and tell the public you found a threatening note scrawled on the back of a chair in pencil and the school needed to be closed to investigate?

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