Can “Louisville at Work” Work?

Mayor Abramson is likely stepping very carefully in trying to figure out to spend $100 million in federal stimulus money. So he’s called on some trusted allies who recently retired from the Administration to get it done. Another thing — Rick Johnstone, Jane Driskell and Kim Allen are available and can hit the ground running. It’s good to see a sense of urgency in place.

All three are volunteering — for now, according to Chad Carlton, the mayor’s spokesman. Johnstone, the former deputy mayor, will oversee the stimulus spending. Driskell is the former CFO, and Allen was in charge of public protection. They’ll be attempting to maximize the stimulus revenue by overseeing grant applications and other aspects.

This is a great opportunity for the Mayor and his team to do something right and something good, because we in the media will be watching for stupid crap that wastes money.

Here’s a list of the Mayor’s priorities:

  • Building and improving roads and schools;
  • Expanding water lines and strengthen floodwalls;
  • Maintaining our police force at its current strength while other cities struggle with layoffs and cutbacks;
  • Building a new firehouse in Beechmont that our crippled city budget may not otherwise allow;
  • Weatherizing homes to lower utility bills and help struggling citizens keep their homes;
  • Retraining people who’ve lost jobs and educate young people who are looking for their first job;
  • Building affordable housing;
  • And helping prevent homelessness

“These new federal dollars give us a unique chance to create a lasting legacy in our city,” Abramson said. “We will build and improve roads and schools, expand water lines, strengthen our floodwalls and weatherize homes.”

Read the List of Members of the Mayor’s Team after the Jump…

Here’s a list of the other members:

Transportation and Infrastructure
Ted Pullen and Barry Barker

Social Services and Homelessness Prevention
Tina Heavrin and Dana Jackson

Public and Affordable Housing
Tim Barry and Bob French

Workforce Training
Michael Gritton and Carolyn Gatz

Mary Gwen Wheeler

Public Protection
Bill Summers

Economic Development and Energy Efficiency
Bruce Traughber

Water and Flood Protection
Bud Schardein and Greg Heitzman

Health and Wellness
Dr. Adewale Troutman and Bill Wagner

Arts and Faith-Based Groups
Mary Lou Northern

8 thoughts on “Can “Louisville at Work” Work?

  1. Don’t we have enough Deputy Mayors already on the payroll to handle the giveaways? You know these people are going to expect to be compensated at some point.

    Hey, maybe with the extra cabbage in his pocket, the Mayor of Mulch and upgrade from dark hardwood to Grade A Cypress!

  2. Good to see the mayor is following all those recommendations from that scathing audit, and using experienced CPAs and grants management specialists instead of ‘Friends (and relatives) of Jerry’.

    I wonder if Obama knew about the mayor’s excellent management team when he made that speech last week, admonishing the mayors to at least try to take a stab at being responsible with this next load of cash.

  3. Doesn’t this mayor know anyone else? He keeps recycling the same old yes men over and over and over again. Is he so afraid of a new idea or a challenge to his leadership ( I use that word loosely).

    Truth is very few Metro Employees have ever met the man. No one respects him. The media portrayal of a scheming leader is far from the truth, Jerry hasn’t a clue of what is really happening in River City, He has completely insulated himself over the past twenty years from reality. It’s not what he does it’s the amazing amount of things he doesn’t do. He has 6000 employees, a 400 million payroll and nobody who gives a damn. Nothing personal against John Q.Public, it’s the only way Metro Employees can survive.

  4. Rico, “cheerleadership” is the term you want. 🙂

    I call him the “toxic cheerleader” these days. And you’re right — I am amazed at how his sycophants continue to focus on results from his first arguably successful stint as mayor, but ignore the increasingly bad aspects of the current stint (that don’t all have to do with the ailing national economy, thank you very much).

    The guy ran out of vision for the city years ago.

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