Bulleit Banned at Kroger

This is a weird one. Jim Bulleit, the morning reporter at WLKY-TV, was arrested at a Prospect Kroger Tuesday and charged with shoplifting and criminal trespassing. It wasn’t his first run-in with the store.

We know there’s more to this story,  but here’s what is in the police report.

Store security observed subject remove 4 Cadbury eggs from shelf and put them in top of bascart. After making compelte circle of store, subject picked up candy eggs and concealed them in right pants pockets while walking down aisle 13. Subject then pushed cart past checkout into the foyer. It contained chips, buns, apples, milk… These items had not been paid for. After looking around about 30 seconds, subject pushed cart out of store. Subject was loading merchandise into trunk of vehicle when stopped. 

But if that’s not strange enough, there’s this:

This is 2nd time subject has been caught shoplifting at Kroger and was told have no contact with Kroger.

WLKY G.M. Glenn Haygood was aware of the situation, but said he couldn’t comment on it because it is a personnel matter. Bulleit did not appear on the air this morning.  

According to the report, the value of the items was $20.49.

49 thoughts on “Bulleit Banned at Kroger

  1. JIM—who are you, Dummy Dumb Dumberson? Newsrooms are getting smaller, not bigger. Not one TV station, even the CW-Louisville will be impressed with this stunt. Sure, Horner Novelty lets you snag those goofy glasses with the big nose once in awhile, but grabbing Cadbury Eggs before the freshness date expires is a huge no no, with Valentines Day this Saturday and Easter after that. Come Derby time this year, NO free breakfast at Wagner’s for you!

  2. To expand on what MrCourtesy said, in the current climate you do NOT need to be giving people a reason to get rid of or fire you. For $20 worth of merchandise, Bulleit has made and ass out of himself and his employer. I would not be surprised if “Danger Boy” has done his last morning show in this market.

  3. “what a shame, a talented individual that has crossed the fine line of comical to eccentric.”

    Are you serious? Talented? I’m sure he is a nice guy (who just happens to steal) but talented? Come on…that job could be filled by anyone. His nervous habits and gestures only added to the pain of watching him “try” to be funny.

    Hopefully you were being facetious.

  4. Maybe John Boels could do an investigative, hidden camera type of piece exposing the off duty habits of wlky employees. He could even do the self filming thing like “Survivorman”

  5. I’m sorry… but this is kinda funny. I know its not morally correct to say that, but I don’t care… this is damn funny!

  6. WLKY is really having a rough time. First they now have to share their traffic guy with Fox 41 and now this. Not a good start to the year for 32.

  7. Bulleit redefines the acronym CSI: Cleptomaniacal, Swaggering Idiot.

    He’s just a (pardon the pun) bad egg.

    I’ve always thought Bill Lamb was a bit of a buffoon, but DB is correct in noting that this vindicates his decision to excommunicate the Eggman. Cuckoo-ka-choo.

    If he is allowed to keep his job, he must (1) admit he’s got a chicken embryo fetish and/or a shoplifting fetish, (2) promise to get therapy, (3) pledge never to steal again and (4) apologize to Kroger and the rest of us — who pay a mighty price for retail theft.

    On second thought, just let him go, Glenn. Give his job to someone who deserves it.

  8. Jeez….is the prerequisite at WLKY that you have to pretend to have a brain and then do something totally stupid that it’s too bizarre to fire you?

    Note to self: Send Ex-wife’s resume’ to them tomorrow.

  9. I watch Jim most mornings and I think he is very talented and funny. It is not for me to judge him or others. I believe we should keep him and his family in our prayers.
    Society today makes it easy to kick someone while they are down but keep your head up Jim we love you. The Harris Family

  10. Lose his job? ROFL. I mean if Haygood is going to let Boel stay, then DB is fine. I mean the only way you could lose your job is if you committed murder. Wait a minute “Boss(Haygood) I apologize for being arrested for murder, but u gotta believe me, the victim tripped and FELL on the knife !”

  11. I’m pretty sure shoplifting doesn’t matter anymore…yeah it’s a crime in alll but who cares honestly? oh you look chocolate eggs….cool….I think he should keep his job he’s one of the best..I also think that..Fox 41 is trying to set him up..those assholes are jealous of him.

  12. If I remember correctly, WalMart came out a couple of years ago stating, publicly, that they were not going to worry about shopplifting under $25 due to cost! Sounds like an open advertisement to me for getting a new hobby. Plus, its good to know Danger-Boy is good in math, staying under that $25 limit…….

  13. it seems jim is defending himself on the comment page of fox41.com. says charges will be dropped. we will see.

  14. Obviously WLKY does not put a lot of stock in Credibility. John Boel was pulled over and arrested(again) for DUI, but they awarded him with the Morning anchor spot. I guess “Danger Boy” had a Kadbury Egg attack. Easter Bunny won’t come see him this year.

  15. I can respect a man that feeds an addiction. I’ve lit Hershey cocoa mix in my bong (fairly good high). I’ve also smoked easter egg grass and injected Cadbury creme. I suspect Jim was doing the same. I will smuggle some chocolate cake in the file I bring him while he serves his time. Don’t bogart the M & M’s

  16. So, let me get this straight…he lives in PROSPECT and gets caught shoplifting? Maybe Jim needs to downsize his mortgage to afford groceries!

  17. Allow me to enlighten…kleptomania (correct spelling, btw) is an irresistible impulse to steal, stemming from emotional disturbance rather than economic need.
    This is over $20…I do think this will probably cost him his job. But to vilify? Really?!
    Oh and yes, East Enders are quite capable of committing faux pas (we just have better legal counsel).
    As for John Boel…with our legal limit being .08, I’d be willing to bet that, if you enjoy an occasional cocktail, you have driven home buzzed. He simply got caught.
    Just(going to spike my Cadbury Creme EggNog)Zoot

  18. WDRB’s “over-coverage” of JB’s incident reveals a couple of things – 1) a personal vendetta and 2) a lack of credibility in reporting the ‘news.’ A crawl? Journalists? Really? More like TMZ to me. By the way WDRB, emailing the VV link to agencies and advertisers is a fairly pathetic way to try to make yourself look better. In the end – you are what you are – a bottom feeder/one hit wonder. (You HAD to know that your email recpients would credit you with your subversive efforts!)

  19. It’s quite obvious that Bill Lamb has a personal vendetta against Bulleit. He doesn’t like him from his days at DRB and took the arrest as a chance to sling mud. Bulleit, by the way, doesn’t live in Prospect.

  20. How high were you Jim? That must have been some chronic. Hell I have gotten gas before and drove off without paying. High as a kite. Im sure you would have went back and paid when you came down a little. Stay home when you smoke the funk and order a pizza.

  21. I think it was absolutely appropriate for Fox41 to cover the story and ridiculous for people to unfairly link the coverage to the past employment at WDRB of Mr Bulleit. As a public figure, his arrest is absolutely newsworthy – and despite any personal or psychological reasons behind the utterly stupid act, it was a crime. I think that WLKY should have the guts to report on it as well – and treat him just like they did John Boel, when he was arrested for DUI. I thought that announcing it on the air, albeit a bit awkward for his coworkers to read it like a news story, showed that they weren’t brushing it under the rug. in this case, i’m not sure why they haven’t reported it. People in the public light should hold themselves to a higher standard – and if they aren’t doing it on their own, then it’s up to others to report on it. Personally, I think they both should have been fired – but if that’s not the approach the station management wanted to take, at least treat them both equally.

  22. I’m sure if this horrendous $2o offense had been committed by Barry Bernson, you’d not only think it was appropriate for WLKY to report the story…but you’d expect him to lose his job as well. It certainly wouldn’t be appropriate for this to be handled discreetly…especially if the station can not only embarrass him (and his family), but to insure that there’s no other recourse but to fire him, and possibly end his career. After all, he should’ve held himself to a higher standard…
    Just(offering the pious “Thumbs Up” several Cadbury Creme Eggs to cast at Jim Bandit)Zoot

  23. You’re exactly right – if it was any of the Fox41 personalities or any of the other local tv/radio/newspaper journalists I would expect the same. Again, it’s sad what happened to him – but it didn’t just happen to him – he made the conscious effort to steal. Additionally, are you saying that Jim Bulleit and his minor $20 offense should be overlooked when John Boel’s was made a huge specatacle? Either way a crime is a crime – despite neither being a felony, one could actually argue that Bulleit’s was more serious and that someone who would stoop to that level might actually steal from their employer, coworkers, etc. Although, in my book a DUI is way worse, because even though you didn’t kill or injure anyone, the potential was there and he was just fortunate it didn’t happen. I felt for them both and their families… and I don’t wish any more harm on them, i.e. getting fired, but seriously, I know my own employer would not hesitate to can me if they learned of it. I can cast stones because while i’m not perfect, and no one is, a crime was committed and the suspect was caught. But again… at least treat them equally – it’s not fair that Boel was made an example of by his own employer and WLKY hasn’t even brought up Bulleit, especially when a couple news organizations, including the LEO have. It just looks stupid on their part.

  24. How bout this as a scenerio. John and Jim are in the newsroom and John is brainstorming about his next investigative report. He’s heard about Kroger and their shoplifting policy. He then recruits Jim to do the act as he is videoing the scene from a nearby van ala “punked”. But those darned Prospect police got there on the scene too quickly and scared Boel off. Yeah– thats the ticket!

  25. Sorry Jim, that this has blown up in to a major story. and YES Bill Lamb was behind making sure all new media heard of this weak ?”story”that fit the NEWS format at WDRB.
    Your a great guy and i would be proud to be called one of your friends..you don’t deserve this.
    See you soon,
    Tomorrow is a whole new day!

  26. I would have expected such inept, fatous, and inane behavior from the likes of Keith Runyon at The Courier Journal and Ann Thomas Meador from WAVE 3’s production staff, but, to hear that Jim Bulleit would have done something as bad as this, is another story. I’ve known Jim since 1996, during his tenure as Danger Boy on WQMF, and believe me when I say this. He is a good guy and the coolest man I have ever met. My wife, who also knows some of the old WQMF morning staff, told me what had happened, and I found it hard to believe. If he did do something like this, then hopefully, he learned a valuable lesson. If he didn’t, then the media should just lay off and let him and his family live in peace.

    Remember, a man is innocent until proven guilty.

  27. Mr Bulleit is no longer listed in the News Team section of WLKY’s website, so I guess B.L. got his way. Isn’t anyone considering the plight of Jim’s wife and children? Is ther anyone who could pass muster under a microscope? Perhaps someone should look into the lives of some of the Pharisees who feel much better because they are above such sins.

  28. HMMMM …. I was hoping Jim would go to WDRB.. I had no idea of the history here.. I guess I am out of luck there … too bad. I HATE WHAS and WAVE is always been kind of boring.. And I always liked Bernson and the type of coverage and times for WDRB.. so I guess I am just out of luck.. oh well.. I still wish Jim the best.. the Cadbury eggs are good.. but I cant see going to jail and having some one ask me what I am in for and to tell them I was Stealing candy..

  29. Jim probably got fired, in part, by Bill Lamb by being disrespectful to singers such as myself at one of the earliest Kentuckiana Idol auditions right outside of the Comedy Caravan. If so, I feel vindicated.

    You LOSERS on here defending him and saying he is a “good man” are jerks and MUST lose your jobs as soon as possible. You are part of 80% of the people who want to climb in the wagon as 20% pull it and do the work! You are all insincere.

  30. It is never good to carry a grudge : People do have bad days. I believe Jim may have other problems and don’t know if he is a good man or not. It might be good to know the whole story before commending or condeming. I do know by emailing with B.L. that his is the only view that he will entertain on most subjects and doesn’t answer questions which might put himself in a bad light. I only find it offensive that some people seem to want to see Mr. Bulleit ground into the dust.

  31. So sorry I missed the news report in February. Just realized this week that I can listen to WLKY news in the a.m. and actually enjoy it. Bulleit is gone! His LOUD, inane, obnoxious, repetitive he-hawing and ludicrous, rude behavior precluded watching A.M. WLKY for years. I just realized this week that I have not had to change the channel when I awake….since I always listen to WLKY at night BUT CANNOT BEAR TO LISTEN TO THAT IDIOT IN THE A.M. YES!!!! It’s WLKY morning, noon and night now!

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