Afternoon Soaps at WLKY

There’s even more news to report about personnel changes at WLKY-TV, though at least none of it involves the local police.

The station has hired a new full-time reporter. Erin Haynes began her TV career as an intern at the station before moving on to stations in Louisiana and Terre Haute, Ind. (WTHI-TV). Haynes has been living in Louisville and has already started working on Mellwood Avenue.

Lauren Jones is the new part-time weathercaster at WLKY. She’s from Columbus, Ind. and has been working at WTVW-TV in Evansville. Here’s a clip of a story she did last November.

There is likely to be a few more new faces in the coming weeks. The station is seeking a full-time person in weather, and is likely to hire someone to replace Jim Bulleit.

Interestingly, all the cast members from what was once the city’s top morning show team have left the station, each under somewhat unusual circumstances. And as far as we know,  they’re all still around town. Abby Miller refused to take a demotion and left the station last September, and co-anchor Paul Moses was fired in December. Kim Stevens is winding up her time at the station doing weather after being switched from morning to weekends. And then Jim Bulleit‘s announcement that came today.

We’ll keep you posted as the soap opera continues.

14 thoughts on “Afternoon Soaps at WLKY

  1. Now there is truly no reason to watch 32 in the morning…Morning Joe is more informative and it tells us nothing about local happenings

  2. How on earth could a number one team be dismantled in six months time? Shouldn’t you take care of a number one team? Once they replaced Kim, it was the beginning of the end. I cannot imagine 1.) all of these talented individuals not ending up at another tv station and 2.) the management team that separated them serving time at a tv station in Alaska. I smell a reunion tour. Surely someone will bank on the litany of bad decisions made by management over at WLKY. I don’t blame the ones that left on their own, and the ones that got forced out were victims of prior bad decisions. Surely Matt Milosavich could not have been worth all that’s been lost. I don’t know anyone who can even watch the show now.

  3. Lets get back to reality here… The only reason WLKY was #1 in the morning was because WHAS made the bonehead decision to move Rachael Platt off the morning show. WLKY held the #1 spot for one or two sweeps periods (4 months?) then WHAS made the correct decision to bring Platt back on in the mornings. Now WHAS sits firmly atop the AM ratings again. I think that speaks more to Platt’s talent, than to anyone at WLKY.

  4. Platt was definitely a factor…but the reaction to dump Stevens then Miller seems foolish.
    The Moses, Bulleitt situations were sort of self implosions…and now Boel has been exiled to that am show…bad karma for the 32 am crew.

  5. Wow. This conversation has taken a real professional turn. “She’s hot.” “No she’s hotter.”
    Go watch FOX News channel.

  6. I used to watch WLKY 32 daily. I just cannot make the connection with the news personalities like I did with the morning crew. The station gets rid of the people that make the news worth watching. When are they going to get rid of Jay? I appears that Jay stifles the professional growth of the weather team. They talk about Jim being all in for Jim, look at Jay. Anytime a major weather front is coming in or is on the ground all we see is Jay. Hey Jay step aside and let the weather team grow. If I were looking to make a career move, honestly I would not even consider WLKY. I think the only ones that are half way safe is the top five (Rick, John, Vicki, Jay, and Fred great news personalities). Everyone else look out you might be next. We the viewers have to be able to make a connection with the news personalities. WLKY is getting rid of these folks. Maybe the station management needs to be dumped and start over. John would most likely make a good General Manager. I now switch between WHAS 11 and WLKY. I have to say, I am starting to like what I am seeing on WHAS.

  7. kim stevens is part of the reason you had a good morning show. what you need to do is take a number 1 rated show and start replacing everone until no one watches are cares. i’ll move over to 11

  8. Has anyone missed the Morning How “Back Side at the Downs?” It was always a neat series to watch, lots of good interviews, good shots of the horses, and sunrise over the Twin Spires or thereabouts. Now with Paul Moses and Abby Miller gone, plus Jim Bulleit, apparently there is no one with enough smarts, ability and native intelligence to handle a 2-3 hour show there daily. One more reason to quit watching WLKY.
    As if it were needed…… about shooting themselves in the foot.

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