Really, This is All We’ve Got

Trinity’s Decision: There was a threat, and Trinity’s principal thinks the school did the right thing in canceling classes. An investigation is continuing. Rob Mullen didn’t say much more than that at today’s press conference. He doesn’t know who was responsible. “Teenagers do dumb things,” he said. [C-J]

Big Fish on the Hook at Iron Quarter: Todd Blue says his Iron Quarter project downtown may hinge on whether he can land a high-profile office tenant. But then he gave zero details.  A Cordish rep also spoke at last night’s Louisville Forum, but Mike Leonard avoided all mention of the company’s decision to drop a major portion of its downtown development. Obviously, they didn’t invite any reporters. [Biz First]

New Sports Chief:  The Greater Louisville Sports Commission appointed Steve Higdon as its new chair. The former CEO of GLI, now a partner in Faulkner Real Estate, replaces Craig Grant of PNC. Not sure what the commission does? Check the linkie. [GLSC]

Hopping Mad Senator: This morning, Jake reported that Jim Bunning is so upset about things that he may just resign and let Gov. Beshear appoint his successor.  Now that would show those Republicans who won’t help him raise money for re-election. The C-J has some details. [Page One, C-J]

Comment Tonight: Check out Ronnie Ellis of CNHI, Mark Hebert of WHAS-TV and Jenna Mink of the Bowling Green Daily News on Comment on Kentucky tonight on KET.

It’s been quite a week. Hope you enjoyed all the excitement.

3 thoughts on “Really, This is All We’ve Got

  1. My suspicion is that Steve Higdon is on the Sports Commission because they are hell bent to get a NBA team to fill the arena. Why they even need a Sports Commission is beyond me. After all, we don’t have the support to get an NFL team or a major league baseball team but maybe they think we can get the NBA again. Why they think this is laughable because Memphis and New Orleans couldn’t even support teams with bigger Metro populations. Memphis has been 30th in attendance for years. New Orleans is not much ahead. Oklahoma City got a new team that moved from Seattle for lack of support and an arena issue. So go figure that Louisville gets a new arena and now they are going to try to get a NBA team. Maybe an NHL team but I don’t see an NHL team doing well here. Not enough hockey fans around here or the culture to attract that.

    Having an NBA team plus a college team is a full time committment that it takes a large market to support. Even the Indiana Pacers are doing poorly on attendance these days and they don’t even have a major college team in the city having to go to West Lafayette or Bloomington for college sports.

    Getting the Ryder Cup was a one time shot and it will take years for something like that to come back. Louisville wants something now but they have blown their chances over the years and the lack of city planning and oversight is amazing.

    How we have spent 30 years becoming last in nearly everything among our sister cities in the USA is amazing. We’ve been talking about competing with Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Memphis, etc. We are light years in economic development behind a lot of these cities.

    I was in Cincinnati recently and I find it amazing that their downtown Central Business District totally blows what Louisville has out of the water. Two new sports stadiums and the refurbished US Bank Arena.

    Now Over the Rhine reminded me of a sister of the West End because it has very run down and problematic. Very unclean and not safe at all too many people loitering around.

    What’s interesting is that outside of some of those Cincinnati areas you could see a lot of new construction and redevelopment not to mention clean areas that were well taken care of. Why we don’t try to emulate in creating those conditions here is beyond me. It just takes a lot of individual work and effort but it would be well worth it making the area much more attractive and clean.

  2. Louisville is routinely used as a pawn in the game of big-time sports. The city is never really considered for a team. It is merely used to draw more dollars from the actual competitors.

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