Inauguration Party Update – Green Giveaway

We thought it’d be a good idea to include those of you who can’t make it to our Inaugural Party tomorrow evening. So in an effort to really be all-inclusive, we’ve got a great way for you to participate in the event.

Thanks to Sustain, Located at 3724 Frankfort Avenue at the Vogue Shopping Center (between Lexington Road & Frankfort Avenue), we’re giving away a couple great items. The award-winning “CHANGE” t-shirt , pictured at left, is totally organic and printed with soy ink. Why organic? Typical cotton t-shirts require 1/3 pound of pesticides and fertilizer to be made. Surprising to us, ordinary shirts themselves are only 73% cotton– the rest is all chemicals and resin left over from cotton production.

In addition to the shirt, Sustain has been generous enough to include Sigg Water Bottles in the giveaway. They’re non-leaching aluminum and are super-awesome-trendy. Did you know that nearly 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to produce the number of plastic water bottles used in the United States each year? And more than 60 million plastic bottles are discarded in landfills every day. So they’re great products.

Just leave a comment here on the site telling us why you’re excited about change. Use an actual email address in the “E-Mail” field so we can contact you when you win. Keep it clean and try not to disparage Dubya too terribly, folks. We’ll randomly select winners sometime tomorrow evening and will ship things out in a few days (or if you’re local, you can pick them up from us).

14 thoughts on “Inauguration Party Update – Green Giveaway

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  2. Another chance to get it right, a return to the rule of law and a new optimism instead of the same old pessimism, thats why I’m excited about change.

  3. Change is the true state of nature. I like it when the world seems to understand that it is in fact the default nature of the universes. nothing is static, nothing lasts for ever and nothing ever really comes to rest or is detached from everything else… I love change for change’s sake and for the chance to shatter a paradigm or two. Here’s to the next four years… then onto 2012~!

  4. Change is a good opportunity to start over and to try to do what is best, by using what you have learned previously- that’s why I like change.

  5. I’m excited about change because my fellow Americans are so excited and energized about the change in leadership tomorrow!

    When was the last time you saw people traveling hundreds of miles and braving cold temperatures for something other than Chick-Fil-A coupons?

    I hope Mr. Obama’s presidency can help change the tough economic times we are all suffering through. I hope his leadership can help bring about a more peaceful world. I hope he doesn’t lose sight of the fact that we “hired” him and he’s ultimately responsible to us.

  6. I am excited for change because America is the only country where change of this nature happens regularly and it helps keep the country centered and on the right track.

  7. “I hope he doesn’t lose sight of the fact that we “hired” him and he’s ultimately responsible to us.”

    Daisy, every other politician seems to have forgotten this one, small, very important point.

  8. I am excited about the energy that this change brings about. President Obama’s charisma and enthusiasm is infectious, and he moves people to be better citizens. I am excited that this will change the way the world sees my country. I am excited that my children will have a better chance of living the “American dream”.

  9. I am excited about change because it’s contagious. I’ve never seen so many people engaged in the political process in my lifetime- wow. If we can channel this energy, amazing things will happen- they ARE happening. T-shirt or no t-shirt, I am EXCITED 🙂 And, I have a crush on the President for the first time since circa 1999.

  10. I’m simply excited about having a president that isn’t retarded. Plus, it will be nice to have a president that the rest of the free world doesn’t hate–we don’t have to be embarrassed any more. Yay!

  11. I’m excited for change because it’s one thing that every single person goes through, that every single person has in common, can understand. Because even though it can be disconcerting, it ultimately leads to new life, new opportunities, and new realities. Because it is exhilarating and much needed.

  12. I’m excited about change because I can’t wait to see what this great nation is capable of. Obama has focused his entire Presidential campagin on the change we need. And I honestly believe change starts with wanting to change and believing that we can make things better. During President Obama’s speech today, I found hope. Hope that the nation can pull together, work to overcome the recent troubles our country is facing, and work to make a better future for our children just like our ancestors before us. A lot of us young folks don’t realize the sacrifice and hard work our ancestors put into making this country what it is. I’m excited that we can change and make America an even better place to live for those generations to follow.

  13. I just wanted to say, that I really don’t think George Bush intentionally did anything to “hurt” the country’s current situation. He is as human as anyone else. And, just like for anyone who has to make a decision, sometimes you choose the not so good choice.. But, you obviously had hopes that your choice was going to be the best one. I hope Obama does a great job..And, I hope that by him being elected, it shows some kind of sign that no matter what color you are, you can lead and make a difference.

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