When Rumors Get Out of Control

Ed Springston couldn’t be more off-base about Councilcritter Vicki Aubrey Welch. She won her race because she worked her rear end off and because people like Mike Bailey and myself worked to get her elected. Walking door to door, volunteering dozens of hours per week, helping her get things going. The entire Democracy For America organization stood up for her and helped get her seated.

Jerry Abramson and his administration had nothing to do with her campaign. If you’ve spent any time around her in public, you know her thoughts on the Mayor. And they’re not all puppies and rainbows, as Springston would wrongly have you believe.

We also stood up for Kevin Triplett and were disappointed when Vicki didn’t bring him on in the beginning as her aide. We lobbied for it because we felt he was the right guy for the job and didn’t want his talents to go to waste after losing to loopy Marianne Butler. (I mean, her own family members stood up against her)

Long story short: Ed needs to be a bit more careful about the rumors he spreads.

7 thoughts on “When Rumors Get Out of Control

  1. Ed Springston’s piece sounds like nothing less then the ramblings of a conspiracy nut. I know many of these people personally and Ed’s story is crazier than reality.

    It is sad to lose Steve; but Kevin will be welcomed.

  2. Hey Blue Democrat –

    Where are your facts to refute Ed’s story?

    Steve Clark was/is a loyal Democrat.
    Steve is well-regarded by those who vote in District 13.
    Steve got the boot in favor of another “loyal” Democrat.

    Funny how all of this happened AFTER Johnstone departed.

    Smells of good ‘ol boy Abramson politics.

  3. Um, it’d smell of Abramson… if it had ANYTHING to do with him.

    What the heck kind of crack are you conspiracy nuts smoking?

    You should try getting to know people before tearing their character to shreds.

  4. Jake –

    I DO know her.
    I KNOW where she lives.
    I KNOW her favorite neighbors.
    I KNOW what church she attends.
    I KNOW that she believes that anything she does is good.
    I KNOW that she was hand-chosen by the power structure (Abramson).
    I KNOW that Steve Clark was the face of the actual problem solver in that office.
    I KNOW her husband.
    I KNOW she does not stand up to Abramson with her votes, lest she be reprimanded (like George Melton and Dan Johnson were when they voted counter to Abramson’s wishes.)

    It could be argued that I KNOW more about her than you do, for I live in her area, and have for quite a while.

    Relating facts is NOT (nor has it ever been) tearing down someone’s character.

  5. Let’s get one thing clear, here, Mr. Clark: We all know you’re bitter.

    Further, you’re complete full of shit.

    You think you know a lot of things, but it’s clear to anyone who knows Vicki that you’re as loopy as Ed Springston.

    I know where she lives. I know her neighbors. I know where she goes to church, what she believes and what she does as a Councilcritter and as a citizen.

    Hand-chosen by the power structure? What you neglect to realize, holmes, is that no one hates our worthless mayor more than me. I don’t tend to align myself with anyone affiliated with him. Or with anyone who is supportive of him.

    Vicki votes with the rest of the council.

    It sure is easy hiding behind an anonymous screenname, isn’t it?

  6. peaking of total incompetence was my latest visit to the Jefferson County Clerks Office under the direction of Bobbie Holsclaw. It took me around 10 minutes just to find someone alive to answer a couple of questions. When the office was filled with employees and none of them had the courtesy to stop having another coffee break and at least point a customer/taxpayer in the right direction to fulfill his obligations to follow our local legal system. Some sense of direction we have in this city and county government right.

    As far as I am concerned its time to get rid of the whole bunch of clowns in city and county government and start cleaning house. Time for them all to find new jobs flipping burgers or whatever other substandard jobs we have recruited to Louisville Metro over the years.

    Same goes for the Mayor, almost all of the Council, and a whole bunch of the careerist hangers on that are running this once fine city in the ground both from a socioeconomic problem as well as a job issue, crime issues, etc.

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