Rumor: King Concedes Metro Council Presidency

We’re hearing that Jim King has conceded the Metro Council Presidency.

Check back for updates. Rick will have more later.

UPDATE 5:15 — The buzz today in City Hall was that Jim King would step down rather than engage in a race for Metro Council president with David Tandy. In the Dem caucus meeting, King confirmed that if the caucus chose to endorse Tandy for president, he would step aside.

In the endorsement vote, Tandy got the 11-plus votes required, enough to secure the office, and is the official endorsed candidate of the caucus, according to Tony Hyatt, the caucus spokesperson. Other elected offices won’t be decided until January. Those interested in the chair of the caucus were Judy Green and Dan Johnson. The only person who mentioned an interest in the office of vice chair today is Marianne Butler.

All of which makes for a nice birthday present for Tandy.

4 thoughts on “Rumor: King Concedes Metro Council Presidency

  1. While this is great news, I upsets me that I now have to discard all these “Anybody But King” stickers I had made.

  2. You can always keep those stickers for the next mayoral campaign. After all, if King decides to run in the primary against Abramson you can always use them again. Or if Abramson retires and King runs in his place, you can always work to support David Tandy or some other viable candidate.

    What Louisville needs is to get someone with business and business development savvy here to run for mayor. Time to get rid of the clowns and lawyers that run this place and get someone that can create jobs, prosperity, and economic development to the River City.

  3. Agree with Bill. That eliminates Tandy who is a political hack of the mayor’s. Viability and Tandy don’t go together. Tandy isn’t even as qualified as King, who at least understand finance.

    So who is out there?

    Tyler Allen is one if he can get away from being the 8664 candidate. Scott Brinkman might be a good choice. Ideally, we need someone in their late 20s or 30s who can take the reins as a young man or woman and lead for a number of years. Craig Greenberg comes to mind.

    Who else has a name to offer?

  4. What a Christmas Present!

    Hopefully Jim King will realize that it is not just the people of the Metro Council who do not trust and support him.

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