3 thoughts on “Get “Flow” on DVD

  1. jake,
    You’re setting yourself up for a nice lawsuit with postings such as your “comment policy”.

    If you’re going to moderate the postings that means you are taking a responsibility for the postings, thus taking responsibility for the slander that occurs on this site.

  2. That’s not true.

    If people are spewing bullshit? We’re gonna moderate them. Hands-down. If people don’t heed our requests or warnings? We’re gonna moderate them.

    But when it comes to free speech or thought? Folks are free to say what they want, independent of us, so long as it’s true or warranted.

    Finally, this isn’t a public service. If people wanna spew bullshit? They need to spew it elsewhere. Ridiculous comments like liberals this or liberals that are a waste of time and space.

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