Shady Dealings at Highlands Walgreens

Are there shady dealings going on at the Walgreens located at Baxter and Highland in Louisville? We’re pretty sure.

A friend of ours parked in the Walgreens parking lot on Saturday evening around 6:00 P.M. and went into Starbucks, which is serviced by that particular parking lot. All is fine and dandy, right? He walked to his car about an hour later to find that his vehicle had been towed by Dave’s Towing Service. (We stopped by Walgreens– the only signs posted are at the back of the lot and they indicate that if you leave the property, you’ll be towed/Customer parking only.)

Our friend? Furious.

So he calls Dave’s (4822 Poplar Level Road, 502.962.1020) and asks WTF is up. The woman who answers the phone tells him he can’t get his car back til Monday morning when their office allegedly opens, it’ll be $130 in CASH and if he doesn’t like it, he can take it up with the Metro Councilcritter responsible for the area the car was towed from. B.S., we know, as even city towing lots are open on the weekends. And Dave’s only charges $55 to tow your car when you ask for their service and it’s not cash-only.

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Rumor: King Concedes Metro Council Presidency

We’re hearing that Jim King has conceded the Metro Council Presidency.

Check back for updates. Rick will have more later.

UPDATE 5:15 — The buzz today in City Hall was that Jim King would step down rather than engage in a race for Metro Council president with David Tandy. In the Dem caucus meeting, King confirmed that if the caucus chose to endorse Tandy for president, he would step aside.

In the endorsement vote, Tandy got the 11-plus votes required, enough to secure the office, and is the official endorsed candidate of the caucus, according to Tony Hyatt, the caucus spokesperson. Other elected offices won’t be decided until January. Those interested in the chair of the caucus were Judy Green and Dan Johnson. The only person who mentioned an interest in the office of vice chair today is Marianne Butler.

All of which makes for a nice birthday present for Tandy.

Heine Bros & KFTC Fight Mountaintop Removal

We’re usually not a fain of Heine Brothers’ Coffee because it’s, well, just like Starbucks. And because the owners sucker people into their cult, the ManKind Project, which preys on young members of Alcoholics Anonymous. But this is a good cause. For the next five weeks, Heine Brothers’ Coffee in Louisville will be hosting a show of photography depicting scenes of mountaintop removal from across eastern Kentucky.

Visit the Gardiner Lane location of Heine Bros (3060 Bardstown Rd, by the Watterson Expressway) now through January 14th to view the work and find out how you can stop the devastation of our beautiful Appalachian gem of a Commonwealth.

The show is present jointly with Kentuckians For The Commonwealth. And $0.50 from the sale of every 3/4lb bag of Mountain Dream coffee will be donated to KFTC to further the organization’s efforts to stop mountaintop removal.

And in other news, stream protection legislation has been pre-filed by Rep. Don Pasley.

“This bill would keep mining out of the streams, it’s as simple as that,” said Truman Hurt, a former Perry County coal miner and member of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth.

“The stream saver bill would prevent the appropriation of public waters as waste disposal sites for coal mine wastes, by prohibiting dumping of mine spoil in streams,” Rep. Pasley said as he sponsored similar legislation in the 2008 General Assembly. “I believe it is the best policy for the commonwealth and the long-term health of the region and of our state’s waters.

Since known idiot Jim Gooch is on his way out as chairman of the Natural Resources and Environment Committee, you can bet this will FINALLY get out of committee for a vote.

Comment Policy – Make It Worthwhile

If you’re going to leave a comment, folks, make it worthwhile. No more “liberals are devils” and “Republicans are the worst” unless you’ve got something constructive to add to the conversation. Don’t bother attacking someone unless you tell us why you think what you think. Pick one screenname in a comment thread and stick to it.

90% of you have high-end jobs and are well-educated. The least you could do is act it.

And if you don’t like what we’ve got to say here, don’t read it.

Simple rules to live by.

Now back to your regularly scheduled spinning from Rick.

Obama’s Louisville

A photo book about Barack Obama’s ties to Louisville may not seem like much, we know. But when you examine his deep ties to the city and the Commonwealth and the time he’s spent here over the past few years, you really begin to understand that an Obama presidency may be the best thing to ever happen to the River City.

Well-known photographer Tom LeGoff just produced this great book featuring the President-Elect and Joe Biden and it’s well worth picking up.

Here’s a sneak peak:

This is allegedly on Obama’s mantel

Fancy, fancy

Oh, look, it’s Yarmuth before he was elected and Gill & Augusta

Joe Biden came to town, too

Instead of buying an atrocious Obama plate or some hideous photo coin, why not pick this up? It’s local, too.