Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

Haha, so, funny story… we made Rick do teevee all by himself today. He was on right after Jack Conway, who probably launched his U.S. Senate campaign on the CW this morning.

Sewage in Louisville’s South End, Chris Thieneman going crazy and nearly inciting an uneducated riot, all kinds of hot, sticky mess. The audio sucks for like the first 20 seconds because something is jacked with TiVo and the internets this morning.

10 thoughts on “Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

  1. I hope it makes him feel better to make fun of us “chip on the shoulder” south enders that just want to voice our opinion! We ARE always dumped on and we are tired of it… Oh and by the way, we were aware there was an election and I noticed that as far as the local elections went … Bob Henderson would have been voted out if it weren’t for the (2) Independant’s that ran.

  2. Well, considering that Chris Thieneman and others were fearmongering and working the crowd into a froth over nothing– without any facts whatsoever– I’m pretty sure it’s factual and accurate to report what we reported.

    It’s hardly making fun of South Enders. If you’d bothered to read this site at all over the past two years, you’d know otherwise. But since you only recently registered your username, I can’t say that you’ve been a regular reader.

    Oh well, thanks for complaining.

  3. No, if it weren’t for Chris Thieneman and Doug Hawkins letting us know what’s going on in the south end we would be dumped on all of the time. Bob Henderson is nothing but Jerry’s yes man.
    No, I haven’t been on here before because I didn’t even know it existed.
    I wasn’t complaining, I was just giving my OPINION.

  4. Your opinion is uneducated and reinforces the point Rick was making.

    There’s no disputing that Chris and Doug fight for the South End. And there’s no disputing that Bob enjoys Jerry Abramson.

    But let’s get real here– neither Chris nor Doug let you know anything about the situation discussed last night. Because neither had any facts to support anything they were spewing.

    You should save your disdain for when there’s actually something to be upset about.

  5. The point was to get folks to the meeting so they could see what the plan included and any alternatives, but as soon as they hit the door, they were leafleted. The information in the leaflets, complete or not, did include some valid questions and assertions. But this is not a fight about Jerry Abramson or Bob Henderson, which some would have you believe. Cooler heads must prevail, and careful attention should be paid to organizing residents in the proper manner.

    As I said before, after all the information is gathered, the action that residents seek can be accomplished in a thoughtful way, such as writing letters against any measure that would indeed send sewage from the East Side to Valley Station. People will not get what they want if they only fall prey to someone’s personal agenda.

    It is essential that this is done correctly.

  6. Well I think your opinion is uneducated. I think this is something worth fighting for , and who are you to tell me what I should and shouldn’t fight for? If we let this keep happening they will always dump on us. That’s why they dont want us to know about their meetings, so they can just push it on through without our opinions.
    They would barely let Chris get a word in, and I would not say he was inciting a riot.
    I’m out of here before I get accused of starting one.

  7. My opinion is educated because I know nothing has been set in stone yet. That’s kind of a big fact to ignore. Your opinion is that you’re gonna die of some east end shit poisoning. But guess what? That’s not factual.

    We don’t welcome folks who spin out of control. But keep on acting like we don’t care about the south end. I love hypocrites.

  8. Jake …How do you know my opinion? Dont put words in my mouth. I never told you why I oppose this.
    You really shouldn’t ASSuME.

  9. uh, because you made a comment, thereby revealing your opinion?

    jesus christ. you must be the drunk lady Doug Hawkins always has following him around.

    you’re giving the south end a bad name

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