WANTED: You, For Your Slave Labor

It’s that time again! Haha so, funny story, we need to hire another creative and capable advertising executive to grow our media sales team.

Could that be you? Would you relish the opportunity to work with some very important and powerful bloggers and politico/media types?

We’re obviously a flourishing media operation with trillions of dedicated readers per day so it’ll be easy for you to sell a highly educated and web-savvy audience to advertisers.

We’ll offer a generous commissioned sales package to start with serious opportunity for growth. You’ll offer a great sense of humor (must be fluent in LOLcat) with real world ability to deliver the goods – AKA you’ll be able to force some old codgers who don’t have a clue how to spend ad dollars to spend their ad dollars on the internets and teevee.

Send your cover letter (yes, it’s required, don’t accidentally “forget” to include it, and MAKE IT FUNNY!), a resume that makes sense and 3-5 strong references to Jake. We promise not to tell your current employer that you’re job shopping.

Remember, kids, it’s all about the $$$$. We have it, you want it. So let’s play together!

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

Haha, so, funny story… we made Rick do teevee all by himself today. He was on right after Jack Conway, who probably launched his U.S. Senate campaign on the CW this morning.

Sewage in Louisville’s South End, Chris Thieneman going crazy and nearly inciting an uneducated riot, all kinds of hot, sticky mess. The audio sucks for like the first 20 seconds because something is jacked with TiVo and the internets this morning.

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice On TeeVee

God Jesus we move our head and eyes around way too much on the teevee. Plus it’s way worse when we’re super-sleepy. You likey?

Like how I over-dressed?

Stephen crosses his legs just like me. Because he is as skinny as me– dangerous for him, because I’m likely to maul anyone who tries to outdo me on the fat-free front.

And Rick got a haircut!

Stephen did a good job being a dirty librul, Rick offered some fancy insights and I said positive things about Mitch McConnell… and shared the truth about Katie King and what a cluster-eff THAT mess is.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice On TeeVee

It’s our fancy election day edition of being on the teevee! Check it.

Lots of discussion about Katie King pulling something off, Jennifer Moore screwing up, alcohol, being important.

[flv:/video/cwnov4.flv 320 240]