11 thoughts on “Jake’s On Francene Tomorrow…

  1. He probably does get that pleasure. But then again he probably works for U of L and is upset about the investigation. I think its well time for the entire U of L adminstration to be audited and the whole school should have every financial book checked out and a state and federal audit over everything at the university

  2. I would prefer to see some one of Jake’s intelligence being interviewed by some one of substance. It’s likely the toughest question he will get from Francene are what are his favorite funny websites are and what Felner’s sexual habits were like.

  3. Really, you should have listened to the Francene interview. She didn’t throw softballs and we weren’t paddy-caking around. We talked serious shop and got in-depth.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve been on with her. She’s not just a hot air machine.

  4. I was actually taking up for you Jake.

    I was referring to DB.

    I think you’ve done one hell of a job with this and your news surely had something to do to get this person charged

  5. I might add that I didn’t assume that Jake worked for U of L. When I read the comment first made by DB I found it interesting that DB was going to tune in at noon. Which says to me that DB didn’t like the idea of Jake talking on Francene’s show.

    Nothing personal Jake but I suspect that if you would read between the lines and read what was said, you might notice that the comment was not about you.

  6. Furthermore I might add that Francene is on before 12 o clock where the great Windbag of neocon America is broadcasting from EIB studios. So obviously DB made a crack about Jake talking to Francene, not the other way around.

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