Big Announcement: Commitment 2008 Coverage

On Election Night, your favorite bloggers will be all over the TV.

That’s right, Jake and Rick will be providing political expertise and analysis on Louisville’s WLKY-TV– both on television and on the web. It all starts at 7:00 P.M. Eastern and will last all night.

We’ll be blogging live, of course, so you can set up your laptop to follow our analysis while watching us on the station’s coverage on Tuesday night.

Jake will reporting live on camera from the big political parties, while Rick will be in the WLKY studios Tuesday night explaining what’s happening in local races.

So if you want the real low-down? The inside look at what’s happening on election night? Stick with us here at Page One, The ‘Ville Voice and WLKY.

And if you see Jake out and about? Stop by to say hello! He may even interview you for some internets special features.

8 thoughts on “Big Announcement: Commitment 2008 Coverage

  1. I love coming to your site and think it’s great, but I have to admit one thing: I don’t believe it’s appropriate for you guys to be blogging in coordination with a network broadcast.

    Even though I tend to fall in line with your viewpoints, you can’t deny the clear biases and preferences both you and Jake display throughout the site. This sort of thing can only help your rep and increase traffic to the two sites, but you have to admit that it’s a pretty big risk for WLKY to take to have you on.

  2. It’s clear when we’re offering opinion and when we’re reporting.

    And where did we ever say we’d be partisan on election night?

    Thanks for jumping aboard the assumption train.

    Have you even seen us on television before? Rick’s not even partisan on the CW– where they beg for it.

  3. Congrats on the new exposure that this will provide… Now that you’re a part of the Hearst family, does this mean we will have the inside scoop on the scandalous happenings up on television hill?

    You realize now that everyone is going to gripe if you say something negative about WHAS, WAVE, or WDRB now right? 🙂


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