Yarmuth Gives In To Northup Threat

John Yarmuth’s Congressional campaign has given in to Anne Northup’s threats. Northup’s campaign threatened to air radio ads demanding that Yarmuth suspend campaign advertisements during storm recovery efforts in the 3rd District. So he gave in, pulling his ad buys.

Yarmuth said: “I am working very closely with Mayor Abramson and Governor Beshear to guarantee that Louisville receives all the resources necessary for a quick and full recovery. With seven weeks until Election Day, there will be plenty of time for a debate about continuing to move Louisville and America forward, but now is the time to put aside politics and rebuild.”

“I have asked our buyers to immediately remove all broadcast, cable, and radio advertising, and they have assured me that all ads could be stopped by the end of the day tomorrow. I hope that my opponent will join me in taking a pause from advertising so that we can focus all our efforts on helping Louisville recover.”

We think it’s a total cop-out. Does it matter if there are political advertisements on-air during the clean-up? It’s not like life comes to a halt. And no other candidates are pulling back.

Yarmuth got suckered into a Northup trick. She didn’t want to spend money and didn’t want Yarmuth to have a leg-up.

1 thought on “Yarmuth Gives In To Northup Threat

  1. Sounds like the new PC to me. The pressure (imagined or inspired) to cancel ads and appearances due to acts o’ god. Let’s roll up our campaign and our sleeves. It should be a choice, not a threat. Passion, not PR. I would not feel that my candidates were partying through any storm by letting their spots run. It’s a time when we need to hear from our leaders. No matter how may households are dark, they still have power.

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