Discrimination Suit Filed in Louisville – McDonald’s Employee Called Customers “Faggots”

Come on, people! We have a city-wide Fairness Ordinance for a reason! Discrimination on the basis of perceived sexual orientation is about the stupidest thing one can do. Stop this bull! McDonald’s should fire the insufferable, bigoted woman for using slurs. We may just hop down there this afternoon to take a film crew and ask some questions.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a complaint with the Metro Human Relations Commission. God knows if it’ll ever get anywhere, but they’ve filed it just the same.

So check this out: Ryan Marlatt, Teddy Eggers and three of their friends stopped at the McDonald’s at 420 East Market Street (telephone 502.589.3753, manager is Phyllis) for lunch on July 26. While waiting for their food, a service worker behind the counter referred to them as “faggots” while talking to a coworker. The customers made it clear they weren’t there to be insulted and requested to speak with a manager. While continuing to wait, the woman behind the counter repeatedly called them “faggots” in front of other patrons, also referring to them as “cocksucker” and “bitch.”

So classy. A McDonald’s employee calling some gay dudes “cocksucker” and “bitch.”

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12 thoughts on “Discrimination Suit Filed in Louisville – McDonald’s Employee Called Customers “Faggots”

  1. Yes, sir, you should absolutely stay on top of this. If this is allowed to go unanswered and unpunished, who’s next to be abused at the hand of a McDonald’s worker?

    Shameful. Utterly.

  2. I think the employee should be fired for using any kind of words about the customers. I was shocked when I read this story. If the employee has anything to say about someone they need to keep it to themselves or leave their job.

  3. Silly?

    The Fairness Ordinance exists to protect all people, not just folks like me, from discrimination in: housing, employment, public services.

    I don’t think it’d be silly if someone wanted to evict me or fire me because they found out I was gay. I think it’d be terrible.

    Silly. Ha. Good one.

  4. Its all about private contract & free association. In my opinion, it wouldn’t be ethical if someone were to do that, I agree. Despite that fact, people have a right to hate you because you’re gay, Christian, Muslim, black, Mexican, whatever and not associate with you.

    A private employer should be able to make a contract between himself & his employee, which satisfies both and he should be able to cater to whom anyone he wants. There was a business owner, for example, who wouldn’t serve you unless you spoke English; not allowing blacks in your establishment is another example. If your employer has no problems with any of that, then it would be stated in the said contract and vice versa.

    Strip people of these and you strip them of freedom. You don’t have to like it, but you don’t have to associate with people like that either. If you feel your contract had been violated, there is the court to decide.

    The only ‘business’ truly obligated to treat you ‘fairly’ and blindly is the government; federal or local.

    So yea, I think its a childish law & silly. Time to grow up.

  5. You’re correct– a private employer has the right to hate me for whatever reason. But they do not have the legal right to discriminate against me for whatever reason. Just like they don’t have the right to discriminate on the basis of race or gender.

    Discrimination has nothing to do with freedom.

    Childish law and silly? Haha. Jesus Christ people are stupid these days. And there are laws that exist to prevent stupid people like you from discriminating against people merely because they want to. Your freedom ends where my personal rights and liberties begin, sweet cheeks.

    So suck on that.

  6. i manage at a mcdonald’s (not this one). i must say that i feel that the fact that this happened so long ago and the people involved have not been disciplined now i believe is a travesty.

    first, unless things are different at corporate stores than for franchises, shift managers CAN and DO authorize refunds. we do it more often than we like (once is too much unless a mistake was made) but it happens. second, the behavior of the offending crew i believe is a direct reflection of the manager on duty for that shift. that would never happen on my shift. in fact if i see it happening i personally would apologise and send the crew home immediately because more than likely it was their last day of work.

    don’t throw all mcdonald’s restraunts and crew under the bus because of the actions of a few closeminded bigoted idiots. hopefully this posting doesn’t get back to me because although there has been no communication about this incedent at work yet (and i haven’t been back to work either) i don’t think that i would be allowed to talk about this otherwise.

  7. manager: there’s no way for it to get back to you, no worries.

    others: please see the updated story I published on Page One this afternoon with a statement from McDonald’s Corporate office.

  8. They don’t have the ‘legal right’ because there is a law. Private contract, private property, free association, free speech, all curtailed. The wisdom of the law is another matter.

    Discrimination has everything to do with freedom and is the essence of every choice that you make. What neither you nor I dispute is the illogical and spiteful manner of discrimination based a persons race, creed, or orientation. You call it bad behavior; I call it a core property of freedom.

    The difference between us, however, is that you believe you have the right to enter someone’s business and someone’s property and demand services from them. You believe you have the right to tell them to what they can or cannot say. You would use the law to discriminate against ‘stupid people like me’ (and I never said I would discriminate in such a way as being described) by using the power of the jail cell to coerce me into hiring you if I don’t want to, serving you if I don’t want to, or allow you onto my property if I don’t want you to be there and herein is your hypocrisy. Again, the wisdom of such practices is another matter.

    The fact of the matter is, is that you don’t have a right to work for me, a right to buy my product, a right to be on my property, or a right to utilize my services, or not be called a ‘fag’ if I want to call you one. Is that unfair? Yes. But grow up & get over it. That’s the nature of freedom.

    Now if a business has a policy prohibiting all these things and a violation were to occur, you would have grounds for legal action. I’m no attorney but if that is the stated policy than a contract of sorts would have been violated and damages pursued. However, I reaffirm that statist laws as described above are silly.

    I don’t like being called ‘stupid’ any more than you like being called a ‘fag.’ But that is your prerogative. If you find fault in my reasoning that is fine and let us discuss it in a gentlemanly way.

  9. First– Never assume you know what I’m about, what I think or what I expect.

    I believe I have a right to avoid discrimination. Same for every human alive.

    Further, don’t assume what you think the law means/should mean is what it really means. Every American damn well does have the right to be in any business open to the public, a right to any service offered to the public and to not be called a faggot, a cocksucker or a bitch in a public setting.

    You’re correct. My prerogative is to think you’re ignorant and ill-educated as hell.

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