4 thoughts on “Video: Anne Northup On the CW Today

  1. ONE CALL?

    Is it just me or does she sound ill prepared and….. a bit dumb?

    Is catastrophic coverage the answer for healthcare? Considering a $2000 or $3000 bill could destroy someone, is catastrophic coverage (which would be minimal at best) going to work?

    Ann, why do other countries pay high prices for gas? TAXES!

    J Boone Pickens? Is he related to T Boone Pickens? The same guy who wussed out of his Swift Boat challenge to John Kerry?

  2. Interesting Anne turned the convo to Oil including oil shale production.

    I agree with a hybrid approach to oil reserves.

    Simply open up drilling while at the same time investing heavily into new energy alternatives such as nuclear, clean coal, wind etc. It will take a combination of ideas and resources to effectively break the stranglehold of Middle East dependcy.

    She spoke briefly about oil shale.

    The problem with this development at this time is cost. It will not save money going after oil shale production currently. The cost associated with it are high.

  3. Did Anne say we are prohibiting “drilling “for Shale. I thought Shale is mined. She must have “drilling” on her mind. The dirty little minx. The Republicans are all talking about “drilling”. I feel they have “drilled US enough”. Time for a big change.

  4. The Republicans’ ploy this election season is a good game, but effectively we’ll end up with the status quo if Republicans are given more power.

    The bottom line is that domestic oil companies don’t want to drill for more oil domestically (whether on land or offshore), as that would shove down the price, and thus, their profits.

    The Republicans are good at playing pied piper for unthinking voters, but they’re not good at governing, nor coming up with ideas that are workable for the long term. The GOP will not follow through on their “silly season” posturing about the high cost of gasoline. I sincerely hope everyone wakes up about this.

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