Quote of the Day From Molly Bingham

Just re-posting something from last night on Page One.

Molly Bingham and Steve Connors screened their movie Meeting Resistance last evening for Louisville’s Metro Democratic Club.

During the Q&A, Bingham was questioned by Brian Smith about whether or not she would consider moving back to Louisville in order to buy back the Courier-Journal, which her family owned for millions of years.

The crowd roared with applause and yells. (Keep in mind that we’re Democrats– we don’t get excited)

Her response was: “Print media is dead.”

6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day From Molly Bingham

  1. Now that’s a T-shirt I’d buy. Except we’d have to print it. Rock on, Molly! Come home anyway. We all do.

  2. Print media is dead as a door nail. And there’s no need for the Binghams—any Bingham—to return to Louisville for any reason.

  3. You tell ’em Molly. Tell ’em how your entire career has been funded by the proceeds from the sale of the Courier-Journal to Gannett. You tell ’em how your family sold out the employees of a great newspaper so you and your siblings can traipse around the globe play-acting like you have real careers. You tell ’em how the Binghams rejected an offer from the New York Times Company, the one company that would have maintained the high standards set by your father, who vehemently opposed the sale in the first place. That’s right Molly — print media is dead. Thanks for all your help.

  4. Why lose you head over this? Molly, take some of those millions you got the old fashioned way by inheriting them and head to the beach for some surfing. ….and don’t bother to duck!

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