A Look at the Mainstream Behind the Scenes

Many have written in to ask us what goes on behind the scenes with the Courier-Journal and other news outlets in the open records request process. And even more want to know what exactly the former paper of record has done so far in the research process/what they plan to do in the future with the Robert Felner story.

So we thought it’d be interesting to take a look at a few of the ORRs filed by the C-J in the recent past. It sheds light on previous coverage and may give you a glimpse of what the paper plans to do in the future on the Felner story.

07/23/2008 – Chris Kenning requested a copy of the federal search warrant –

“I am seeking a copy of the original search warrant used by the feds to search the CEHD.”

07/29/2008 – Andrew Wolfson requests copies of the Felner emails –

“I was trying to see if you could send me copies of the most recent emails released in the Felner matter. (WHAS last night mentioned there were 15 of them, but only put eight on it’s Web site.)

Never mind that we published them minutes after the WHAS story aired.

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08/04/2008 – Nancy Rodriguez requested copies of email correspondence of Robert Felner –

“I would like access to and copies of any and all emails or other correspondence between:

1.) Robert Felner and Marilyn “Mel” Felner and Stephen Daeschner.”

08/05/2008 – Nancy Rodriguez requested (handwritten, even) copies of Robert Felner’s credit card expenditures one day after WHAS11 aired a story about his credit card expenditures –

“I would like access to UofL credit card expenditures made by Robert Felner. Also, all travel expenses related to AERA for college of Ed.”

08/05/2008 – Andrew Wolfson requested documentation about alleged sexual harassment by Robert Felner –

“I am seeking copies on the report or reports prepared by Human Resources and/or other agencies pursuant to the complaint of sexual harassment and retaliation filed by Kelly Ketterman against Dr. Robert Felner.”

08/11/2008 – Nancy Rodriguez requested several types of documenation –

“I would like access to and copies of any and all documents, including emails and memos, involving Robert Felner imposing a fee or tax on department Research Infastructure Funds (RIF) accounts for faculty’s funded research projects in the College of Education and Human Development. I would also like access to any and all documents that show how much money was raised in this manner, where it was held once it was raised, the balance on that account(s), how the money in that account(s) was spent and any emails or correspondence regarding these funds sent, received of that refer to Robert Felner.

“I would also like a information on any and all grants that listed Robert Felner as a principal investigator (PI) or a project manager (Co-PI).”

08-13/2008 – Andrew Wolfson requested sexual harassment documentation for the second time –

“I am requesting copies of any reports generated by the university in response to allegations of sexual harassment against Dr. Robert Felner.”

3 thoughts on “A Look at the Mainstream Behind the Scenes

  1. So essentially as usual the CJ is playing catch up? No surprise there.

    Look at other stories like Code enforcement, harassment of neighbors, etc that I broke and you guys have followed.

    Seems the only investigative stories anymore are coming not from mainstream media but from alternate sources.

    And they wonder why they are part of the problem and are losing money.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. CJ has to play by rules, reporters have to answer to editors. Bloggers do what they want, taking a big risk in many cases. Can get into trouble quickly.

  3. Anyone with half a lick of sense would be able to tell that the C-J isn’t playing by the rules. Half the stories Nancy Rodriguez has written saying she got documents via an open records request have been noted by me. And looking at the requests published here and available from UofL reveal that she didn’t file requests for everything she says she did.

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