Page One & ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

The teevee. Us. We’re on it. We talk about stuff. Sometimes it’s fancy, sometimes it’s not.

How will you ever find out if you don’t watch?

Guess Rick should have read Page One before he hit the airwaves so he could discuss Anne Northup’s decision to praise Felner.

[flv:/video/cwjuly11.flv 320 240]

1 thought on “Page One & ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

  1. So essentially the Mayor only agreed to explain the site selection process? This is a slap in the face to all concerned residents in the Southwest.

    If you recall in April there were 2 highly publicized opportunities to address this issue.

    The first was the Southwest Government Center where instead of answering this question he sent Major Milburn to explain that the site was safe but he had no input whatsoever on the selection process.

    Then again in his Fairdale “Community Conversation'” meeting he was aksed this same question and he said he would not answer any questions in this regard and that the project was a done deal.

    We deserve better than that and at least now we will get some answer.

    The reality is this nightmare of politics, as usual, is by Abramson’s design thinking he can do what he wants with zero accuontability.

    Open communication would stop a whole lot of this type nonsense.

    On a sidenote. Major Milburn did a great job trying to explain his part of this situation in an unfriendly environment. Kudos to him.

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