Yarmuth Amendment Requires Global Warming Info

Rep. John Yarmuth will offer an amendment this afternoon to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2008 that will require NASA to make critical information and scientific research available to the public.

This is in response to a series of Oversight & Government reform hearings last year where House members uncovered evidence that information was suppressed in order to hide the causes and effects of global warming. My, how very Jim Gooch of NASA and the Bush Misadministration.

The amendment will make sure that NASA takes into consideration recommendations made by the Government Accountability Office and National Academy of Sciences to help prevent future manipulation of science.

The GAO and NAS recommend:

  • Information supporting major published results should be made available to other researchers.
  • An infrastructure must be put in place to make data accessible through unrestricted archives.
  • Data should be made available without delay to allow for analysis and publication of results.
  • Prices of accessing date should not exceed the marginal cost of reproduction and distribution.

All right for Yarmie standing up in the name of government transparency.

10 thoughts on “Yarmuth Amendment Requires Global Warming Info

  1. That’s according to every environmental scientist on earth, right? Maybe NASA? George Bush? Pat Robertson?

    All have presented evidence of global warming.

    I’d hardly call evidence imaginary or fictitious.

    Nice try, though.

  2. I’m pretty sure he has that wrapped up regardless.

    Also, I love how people who deny global warming are always anonymous and afraid to attach their name.

  3. I think the earth goes in cycles like everything else. According to a local meteorologist, it is in a warming phase. But I believe God created the heavens and Earth, and only he can destroy it. That being said, I still thing we should all GO GREEN because it is the healthy thing to do. Reduce the carbon footprint, build hydrogen cars, etc. It just makes sense.

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