PETA Bought Stock in Churchill Downs

Irony Meter Alert!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals just bought 80 shares of stock in Churchill Downs and they’re gonna attend the track’s annual meeting tomorrow.

According to a press release, PETA members will hold signs showing Eight Belles lying dead or whatever after breaking her legs during the Kentucky Derby. You’ll recall that the filly had to be put down right after the race.

Those fancy signs will read, “Eight Belles: Raced to Death.”

Wonder if Pamela Anderson (is that her name these days?) will be in attendance?

2 thoughts on “PETA Bought Stock in Churchill Downs

  1. As much as PETA is a complete loose cannon… the idea of them with the leadership of Churchill in the same room is a very nice picture. They all deserve one another for an afternoon. Maybe PETA will learn how much they don’t know, and Churchill leadership will just go a little more off the charts.

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