Governor Beshear Eighty-Sixes East End Bridge

According to a press release from 8664, Governor Steve Beshear has shifted funding away from an East End Louisville bridge. From 62% of 2008-2010 road funds to 27%. So much for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

The governor’s road plan reduced the state’s commitment to the ORBP by $236 million. Of that $236 million, $231 million (98%!) was nixed from the East End Bridge.

Tyler Allen had a lot to say in the release: “It’s shocking to me that the one bridge this community fully supports and has been trying to build for over four decades isn’t the clear funding priority. The citizens of this region need to speak up before our elected leaders make a monumental mistake.”

This isn’t going to go over so well. Both John Yarmuth and Anne Northup are going to flip their lids.

1 thought on “Governor Beshear Eighty-Sixes East End Bridge

  1. Kentucky elected a ‘safe’ governor, and that’s what she got. Beshear isn’t going to do much outside of his safe zone, which includes providing adequate funding to a project that has ‘controversial’ elements. Too bad the controversy in this specific case isn’t about public interest.

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