Page One & ‘Ville Voice Scandalizing The TeeVee – With an Update on the Felner-UofL Story

Did you notice the elephant in the room during Rick’s appearance this morning on the CW? When Rick arrived at the studio, Dan Spangler told him the Robert Felner-UofL story was too hot for the morning show to handle. The station’s general manager, Carol LaFever, said the morning show wasn’t the place for such hard news. She mentioned a rumor she’d heard that the attorney involved was upset with Page One’s coverage. So we asked her for a statement, and here’s what she said:

“Baldly put, this story is fascinating and lurid and terrible all at the same time – it deserves investigation and it’s getting that, in part thanks to you guys – but our show is a format for you to tell people about what you are doing, not to disseminate the story – I have some discomfort about what we might have heard this morning, as some of it lives in the realm of speculation – at least until the story rolls out further. I will continue to be a daily visitor to your website to see how it develops.”

If that’s not an indication that the story has become a monster, we’re not sure what is.

For the record: we spoke with journalists, news directors and managers from WLKY, WHAS, WDRB/Fox41 and the Courier-Journal and confirmed that Felner’s attorney has not attempted to silence coverage of this story.

So watch us be all scandalous on the teevee. Again. And every week.

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Governor Beshear Eighty-Sixes East End Bridge

According to a press release from 8664, Governor Steve Beshear has shifted funding away from an East End Louisville bridge. From 62% of 2008-2010 road funds to 27%. So much for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

The governor’s road plan reduced the state’s commitment to the ORBP by $236 million. Of that $236 million, $231 million (98%!) was nixed from the East End Bridge.

Tyler Allen had a lot to say in the release: “It’s shocking to me that the one bridge this community fully supports and has been trying to build for over four decades isn’t the clear funding priority. The citizens of this region need to speak up before our elected leaders make a monumental mistake.”

This isn’t going to go over so well. Both John Yarmuth and Anne Northup are going to flip their lids.

PETA Bought Stock in Churchill Downs

Irony Meter Alert!

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals just bought 80 shares of stock in Churchill Downs and they’re gonna attend the track’s annual meeting tomorrow.

According to a press release, PETA members will hold signs showing Eight Belles lying dead or whatever after breaking her legs during the Kentucky Derby. You’ll recall that the filly had to be put down right after the race.

Those fancy signs will read, “Eight Belles: Raced to Death.”

Wonder if Pamela Anderson (is that her name these days?) will be in attendance?

McClatchy Lays Off 1,400 Employees

And the Lexington Newspaper Guild calls the company (which owns the Herald-Leader) out for its hypocrisy. This is all after McClatchy CEO Gary Pruitt told employees in April that future business cuts would be “humane, sensible and with an eye toward the future.”

Bet you can guess how the Guild feels about everything.

From a press release:

The Guild does not believe it is humane when employees who have put in a lifetime of service to McClatchy and Knight-Ridder are thrown to the curb while McClatchy’s excessive corporate bureaucracy remains untouched. In fact, just last week McClatchy added a new corporate vice president.

The Guild does not believe it is sensible that Mr. Pruitt is allowed to keep his $800,000 performance bonus from last year, even though McClatchy stock has lost 71 percent of its value.

The Guild does not believe downsizing is the best approach to our future and believes McClatchy and the Herald-Leader would be more successful by strengthening core departments and improving websites, while seeking additional venues for its quality products.

Seems like the bottom line is always more important than the common good.

Update: Editor & Publisher has a story about all this. Check it out.

Yarmuth Amendment Requires Global Warming Info

Rep. John Yarmuth will offer an amendment this afternoon to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2008 that will require NASA to make critical information and scientific research available to the public.

This is in response to a series of Oversight & Government reform hearings last year where House members uncovered evidence that information was suppressed in order to hide the causes and effects of global warming. My, how very Jim Gooch of NASA and the Bush Misadministration.

The amendment will make sure that NASA takes into consideration recommendations made by the Government Accountability Office and National Academy of Sciences to help prevent future manipulation of science.

The GAO and NAS recommend:

  • Information supporting major published results should be made available to other researchers.
  • An infrastructure must be put in place to make data accessible through unrestricted archives.
  • Data should be made available without delay to allow for analysis and publication of results.
  • Prices of accessing date should not exceed the marginal cost of reproduction and distribution.

All right for Yarmie standing up in the name of government transparency.