Breaking: Thieneman’s Up on TV in Louisville

Chris Thieneman, the often controversial political figure and current primary challenger of Anne Northup for the 3rd District Congressional nod, is up on television with his first commercial. The winner will face current Rep. John Yarmuth in the fall.

Rick will have more on the story a bit later.

8 thoughts on “Breaking: Thieneman’s Up on TV in Louisville

  1. We’re able to blog full-time, go on vacation and basically do whatever we want 24/7, aren’t we? We’re doing pretty well for ourselves.

    How’s Gannett paying you these days? Do you get to work from bed if you want to?

  2. Nice Jake! Get over yourself. You’ve written a lot of incorrect information on this site over the months. Then when someone challenges you, you get mad and publish their IP address. REAL COOL DUDE!

    Leave the posting to Rick please.

  3. I’ve written on VV like twice. Incorrect? Hardly. Not meshing with your opinion? Likely.

    I publish IP addresses of spammers who post, oh, 80+ comments in a row in the form of personal attacks.

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