Rep. Tom Burch Goes Crazy & More

It’s true.

Once sane Rep. Tom Burch has gone crazy.

During the opening of the controversial Clinton campaign headquarters, Tom went off the deep end by accusing Congressman John Yarmuth of being bought by Barack Obama.

From Politicker:

Representative Burch said he was disappointed 3rd District Congressman – and Kentucky superdelegate – John Yarmuth (D-Louisville) endorsed Senator Obama. Burch suggested a 2008 donation from Obama’s Hope Fund PAC to Yarmuth’s campaign may have contributed to that support.

“I found out my local Congressman got $2,500 from Obama,” said Burch. “I wonder: did he pay that to get an endorsement?”


Please, Tom, like your old ass hasn’t been bought & paid for like six hundred thousand times over. Hilarious that you’d bother to criticize Yarmuth amongst a crowd of people who have been bought and paid for time and time again. Jerry Lundergan, Steve Henry, Heather French Henry, Jim King, a couple of Democratic staffers, et al. You can’t criticize anyone for supporting a presidential candidate when you, yourself, publicly support a presidential candidate. Oh, the hypocrisy reeks!

It’s laughable that only 100 people showed up to the Clinton HQ opening. We remind you that easily 1,000 showed up for the Obama opening in Louisville and about 300-400 were at Lexington’s.

We’d also like to note that Hillary’s statewide political director in Kentucky once promised to return our contribution to Mike Weaver’s failed 2006 congressional race after we flipped out at his disgusting, homophobic television ads. That never happened. Makes us unlikely to believe anything she says on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

3 thoughts on “Rep. Tom Burch Goes Crazy & More

  1. “Please, Tom, like your old ass hasn’t been bought & paid for like six hundred thousand times over.” – LMAO Now that’s great political commentary!! –

  2. Well, I’d say it’s more honesty than political. Heh.

    I don’t know *any* politician who hasn’t received a contribution that could be construed as payment for something– including Tom Burch.

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