Bruce Lunsford’s Appearance on Louisville Live

Bruce Lunsford, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, appeared on the CW’s Louisville Live this morning (Greg Fischer declined the opportunity and wasn’t mentioned) to discuss his race.

Topics of conversation included: Washington, Mitch McConnell, Bush Misadministration taking down middle America, devaluation of the dollar, our beautiful and thriving economy, Steve Beshear asking him to run in December, national Democrats asking him to run.

Peep the video below:

5 thoughts on “Bruce Lunsford’s Appearance on Louisville Live

  1. Why not provide something substantive instead of “blah blah blah LIBERAL BAD blah blah” for once?

    Oh, right. That’d require some thought.

  2. Anything *I* have ever written on this site, *I* have backed up with facts and sources.

    Nice spin, though.

    I guess you aren’t paying attention to our sister site that deals with politics. Otherwise you’d know what you just claimed is a complete crock.

    E.G., here’s an example of a headline from a few days ago:

    McConnell, Chandler Deserve Praise

  3. Well, at least you get on the CW, Jake…the web ad to the left must mean something for trade, if not profit for this site.

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