Greg Fischer Launches Lunsford Attack Ad

Or how to campaign for Mitch McConnell.

Greg Fischer’s campaign for U.S. Senate has launchd its first real attack ad of the campaign. The ad features an unidentified elderly woman talking about Bruce Lunsford’s business ethics, says he evicted old people from nursing homes while newspaper and internet headlines roll across the screen. It ends with “SAY NO TO LUNSFORD” on the screen as Greg Fischer says he approves the message.

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Avenue Q: We Love You

Last evening we had the opportunity to see Avenue Q at The Louisville Palace and we’ve gotta say: GO SEE IT. Click here to buy tickets for as little as $25. There are five shows remaining through Sunday, April 27. If you enjoy our inappropriate crap here at Page One the least little bit, you’ll flip over this PNC Broadway presentation. It’s vulgar, inappropriate and we loved every minute of it. Very rarely do old ladies get uncomfortable– but they certainly did last night.

From the website:

AVENUE Q is Broadway’s smash-hit 2004 Tony Award® winner for BEST MUSICAL, BEST SCORE and BEST BOOK. A hilarious show full of heart and hummable tunes, AVENUE Q is about trying to make it in NYC with big dreams and a tiny bank account. Called “one of the funniest shows you’re ever likely to see” by Entertainment Weekly, AVENUE Q features a cast of people and puppets who tell the story in a smart, risque and downright entertaining way. The New Yorker calls it “SUBVERSIVE and UPROARIOUS!” Recommended for ages 13 and up.

I can’t say much about it without ruining things. But. Uh. Drop all plans to see it. Do it. Here’s a better summary: hilarity, adult Sesame Street, occasional foul language, Gary Coleman, puppet nudity, Mrs. Thistletwat, hilarity, hilarity, hilarity, schadenfreude. Go. See. It.

Special thanks to our theater-loving Republican friend for suggesting we see the show.

Bruce Lunsford’s Appearance on Louisville Live

Bruce Lunsford, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, appeared on the CW’s Louisville Live this morning (Greg Fischer declined the opportunity and wasn’t mentioned) to discuss his race.

Topics of conversation included: Washington, Mitch McConnell, Bush Misadministration taking down middle America, devaluation of the dollar, our beautiful and thriving economy, Steve Beshear asking him to run in December, national Democrats asking him to run.

Peep the video below:

Earthquake Hits the YouTubez

This is what society has been reduced to: commentary about the mind blowing earthquake that was felt in Louisville and other areas of the state posted on YouTube.

The end is nigh, people! The end timers are right. Yer all gonna die. Just check WHAS11’s website for details. They even claim to have had the “scoop” on things. Ugh.

Also, don’t forget to check out the video of the earthquake guy wearing an A.L.F. mask.

Rep. Tom Burch Goes Crazy & More

It’s true.

Once sane Rep. Tom Burch has gone crazy.

During the opening of the controversial Clinton campaign headquarters, Tom went off the deep end by accusing Congressman John Yarmuth of being bought by Barack Obama.

From Politicker:

Representative Burch said he was disappointed 3rd District Congressman – and Kentucky superdelegate – John Yarmuth (D-Louisville) endorsed Senator Obama. Burch suggested a 2008 donation from Obama’s Hope Fund PAC to Yarmuth’s campaign may have contributed to that support.

“I found out my local Congressman got $2,500 from Obama,” said Burch. “I wonder: did he pay that to get an endorsement?”


Please, Tom, like your old ass hasn’t been bought & paid for like six hundred thousand times over. Hilarious that you’d bother to criticize Yarmuth amongst a crowd of people who have been bought and paid for time and time again. Jerry Lundergan, Steve Henry, Heather French Henry, Jim King, a couple of Democratic staffers, et al. You can’t criticize anyone for supporting a presidential candidate when you, yourself, publicly support a presidential candidate. Oh, the hypocrisy reeks!

It’s laughable that only 100 people showed up to the Clinton HQ opening. We remind you that easily 1,000 showed up for the Obama opening in Louisville and about 300-400 were at Lexington’s.

We’d also like to note that Hillary’s statewide political director in Kentucky once promised to return our contribution to Mike Weaver’s failed 2006 congressional race after we flipped out at his disgusting, homophobic television ads. That never happened. Makes us unlikely to believe anything she says on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

Sudanese Refugee & Scholar Fights to Stay Alive

Sudanese scholar and refugee Lino Nakwa just had his green card application denied because he was kidnapped by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army when he was 12-years-old, the very reason he was granted entry to the United States of America as a victim of persecution. Because Nakwa was held captive against his will for one month by the Sudanese terrorist organization, the Department of Homeland Security has decided Nakwa poses a security threat.

Sound preposterous that Lino, a Dean’s List student at Transylvania University trying to make everything right with the world would be carelessly tossed aside?

Click here to learn more about Lino Nakwa and contact your legislators to urge their support of one of the few immigrants in the U.S. who follow the legal route to citizenship only to be castigated by the system.

Don’t sit idly by while the United States allows another person to die in genocidal Sudan. Which is what will happen if Lino is deported. It’s sad enough that we’ve (the world, not just the USA) allowed hundreds of thousands of others to perish.

Diminished Capacity Premier for Alzheimer’s Association

From Rick:

My grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s for several years before she died, used to crack me up with the crazy things she’d say after the disease took hold. She also brought profound sadness to our faces when she couldn’t remember the basic events of her full and happy life.

Pauline in her final years was the first image that came to mind as I watched Alan Alda’s amazing performance as Uncle Rollie in the Hart-Lunsford movie, “Diminished Capacity” at a special premier at the Kentucky Center last night. The movie was selected for this year’s Sundance Festival, and was screened here as a fund-raiser for the local Alzheimer’s organization.

Anyone who’s known someone with Alzheimer’s will chuckle at the movie’s comic moments. Sherwood Kiraly, who wrote the novel upon which the movie is based, told the handful of folks who stuck around after the film ended that Rollie was based on his real-life experiences with his own father.

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