Great Flood Weather Exploitation on Steroids

In the ongoing race to see who can most exploit the weather for dollars as often as possible, it looks like the Courier-Journal has gotten the one-up on WHAS11 news.

How? Well, by exploiting the reporter being exploited by the television station that is exploiting the weather. The Great, Giant, Scary, Awful Flood of Late March 2008[TM] is documented here by a photographer for the C-J as Gene Kang braves the treacherous, inches-deep water:

See that? You know the competition is fierce when network news puts their new reporter knee-deep in some sewer water in southern Indiana. (We hope those weren’t Ferragamo, Gene!) And then the C-J has to go and photograph the whole mess so they can push the same super-important and newsworthy issue.More urgent and important weather news – along with our photos – after the jump…[-Click here-]

7 thoughts on “Great Flood Weather Exploitation on Steroids

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