Two Things

While Rick is busy having fun in New Orleans showing off his fancy t-shirt (where’s ours?!) we (the royal kind) have some serious complaining to do.

1: If WHAS11 says “mobile webcam” one more time someone will need to be choked. Who feels like being choked today? We can’t take it.

2: The damn train whistle in our neighborhood. We can’t deal. PLEASE fix it. Please, Tina, make it stop! 33 times a day. OH MY GOD. (Reminds us of this story in 2006– we knew it was a jinx. Thanks, Sean!)

See? Very important complaints.

1 thought on “Two Things

  1. Jake,

    It must be this great weather that has made me feel like giving… email me an address where I can send you your very own shirt.

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