Yarmuth Announces $600K for Flood Prevention

Louisvillians (and those from Lively Shively) rejoice! The great floods won’t swallow up your home thanks to Rep. John Yarmuth (KY-03).

(Louisville, KY) Today at West County Wastewater Treatment Plant, Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) announced that he had secured federal funding for three flood prevention projects in the Louisville area.

“Each downpour should not bring about fresh fears of flooding. Jefferson County families deserve to raise their families in sanitary conditions and should not have to constantly worry about overflow,” Congressman Yarmuth said. “This funding will help ensure that the residents of Shively, PRP, and other areas in the South and West Ends no longer face this regular and costly threat.”

Yarmuth’s three flood projects will include:

  • $96,432– Flood Damage Reduction Feasibility Study
  • $145,632–Mill Creek Flood Risk Feasibility Study
  • $492,200 – Shively Sewer System

In Louisville? Would Like Your Help

I (Jake) just had a nice little accident (I’m 100% fine) and need your help if you live in the Louisville area.

Anyone know who drives a cherry red Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet that would be parked directly in front of Porcini on Frankfort Avenue at roughly 2:00 P.M. on a Friday? The jackass recklessly peeled out of a parking spot and into the front of my Jeep only to speed away like an idiot.

I know it’s not Tim Coury, the owner of Porcini. No worries there. Can’t be many of these rides in Louisville, though. If anyone reading has a clue, please pass it my way. Someone owes me for missing an important meeting and for the repair of my hunk of junk Cherokee.

January Was Record Month for Visitors

It’s not often that we gloat or pat ourselves on the back (okay, at least publicly… cause you know our egos are giant in private situations). So it’s only appropriate that we do so on a slow news day.

Thanks to our advertisers who have included: Bluegrass Freedom Fund, Bryan S. Bush, Draft Horne, Cascade Broadcasting, Kentucky Democratic Party, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Louisville History & Issues, Louisville Originals, Sannie Overly, et al. They believed in us from the get-go and have stood by us. And the dollars they spent paid off heavily with hundreds of thousands of prolonged ad views.

More importantly, thank you to our readers. We had no idea it was possible to make the rebirth of The ‘Ville Voice a success in just seven short months. We did it with your help and remain forever grateful. Your readership, participation, tips, suggestions, assistance. It’s you, the everyday Kentuckian, who will change the face of the Bluegrass State for the better. We heart you for making this political scandal sheet possible.

Just wanted to take a moment to share some statistics to give you an idea of just how successful we have been. Who knew it was possible?

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An Interview with Bruce Lunsford

Politically inclined? Go read Daniel Solzman’s interview with Bruce Lunsford.

Bruce has changed his tune (okay, Achim Bergmann and his communications team changed their tune) and are now saying Bruce took a long, hard look at the U.S. Senate race. The previous bit, which Bruce said on-camera, was that he decided to run overnight after watching Dubya’s State of the Union address.

Our favorite part of the interview is when ‘campaign for change’ is resurrected from the 2007 gubernatorial primary. Or maybe it’s the part where Achim’s buddy Mark Nickolas gets another mention. (Note that Bruce had no idea who Nickolas was through most of the primary last year.) Or still yet, our favorite part may be where Bruce foolishly thinks he can develop a positive relationship with blogs in Kentucky. The ‘Ville Voice? We live in the reality-based community here. Page One? Nope. BlueGrassRoots? Nope. Ditch Mitch? Not happening. The Rural Democrat? Again, not happening. What’s left, Republicans? Good luck on that one. Screwed the pooch too early.

Meatless interview, sure, but definitely some insight into Achi… I mean, Bruce’s motives. Nice guy. Horrible candidate to run as a Democrat against McConnell when there are real life, actual Democrats ready to take him on.

Jefferson County GOP Cat Fight Brewing

The abrupt withdrawal of Chris Thieneman (you remember him– he’s the guy McConnell and Northup allegedly forced out of the race) from Kentucky’s 3rd District Republican congressional primary sent shockwaves through Jefferson County’s GOP and across the Republican Party of Kentucky. Unfortunately for the powers that be, the uproar is far from over.

See the Kentucky Pachyderm 2 for their rant against GOP Chairman Jack Richardson IV:

Hmmm. Seems Richardson can’t even follow his own rules. We remember that for the last two years, Richardson basically took former Democrat Attorney General Greg Stumbo’s side against Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher. Richardson showed his own party’s governor no love nor support, opting instead to bash Fletcher at every opportunity given him when a Courier-Journal reporter called Richardson for comment.

This just serves as another reminder as to why Richardson is not good for the Republican Party. Not in his home county and not in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He needs to be replaced as chair of the party in the state’s most-populous county and Louisville Republicans will have that option this spring. We hope they’ll avail themselves of the opportunity and choose a real, loyal Republican to lead them.

Ruh ro. Drama in Republicanland. I mean, we can’t always rail against Steve Beshear.

Louisville Democrats Reorganize

The Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party is in the midst of a major reorganization in 2008, along with the rest of the Kentucky Democratic Party. The local party will elect new Legislative District Chairs and Vice Chairs in April to make up its new governing Executive Committee.

Interesting names include Steve Henry apologist Kimberly Greenwell, Claudia Riner, a woman who many accused of rigging her 2004 election, and West End political boss Clarence Yancey.

Peep the recently released names of candidates and the District in which they live after the jump.

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Doug Hawkins: “Send the Mexicans Away!”

Can you handle it? Your favorite protector of the homeland has made a name for himself and he’s been invited to play with with the big kids.

Louisville’s Metro Councilman Doug Hawkins (R-Protecting us from Mexicans) will testify in Frankfort at 2:00 P.M. today before the House Standing Committee on the Judiciary in support of Rep. Bob Damrom’s HB 304. Damron’s bill would expand the definition of identity theft, prohibit the employment of illegal aliens and– you guessed it– push for already stressed local law enforcement to handle federal immigration enforcement.

Doug Hawkins. Protecting us from Mexicans all across the land. He’s finally made it to Frankfort to spew his nonsense. Huzzuh!