Louisvillians Everywhere Wrought w/Envy

Being a very powerful and important blogger has its perks.

Yesterday we asked where our FIVE 0 TWO t-shirt was. Today we received one of our very own:

But that’s not all we got… Since we’re way more cool than Rick, we also received an awesome Hunter S. Thompson poster by Bill Green.

Buy one for yourself here.

Eat your heart out, Joe Sonka!

The Page One/’Ville Voice offices are looking pretty cool these days.

4 thoughts on “Louisvillians Everywhere Wrought w/Envy

  1. Poster rocks. Can we get a giant mural posted on Bardstown Road ala Diane Sawyer and the Colonel? Is that possible here?

  2. Seriously, Louisville’s keeping Hunter at arm’s length because of his countercultural views will one day make about as much sense as this town’s 20-year-delay in canonizing (capitalizing??) Ali.

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