KDP Files Ethics Complaint Against Doug Hawkins

You read it right, kids.

Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Moore filed a complaint with the do-nothing Louisville Metro Ethics Commission against Doug Hawkins (R-Sombrero Lover).

Hawkins, a current Metro Council member who is running for State Senate against Perry Clark, links to his senate campaign website on his metro council site, something the KDP alleges is a clear violation of the Louisville Metro Ethics Ordinance (it is).

From a KDP press release:

“This is a blatant abuse of power. Doug Hawkins is simply using his position as a Metro Council Member to support his State Senate campaign and that is in violation of the ethics code,” Moore said. “I am confident that, after reviewing our complaint, the Commission will agree.”

While we agree with Moore’s opinion, it’s a little silly to get so up in arms over Kentucky’s most well-known protector of our white women against Mexicans. The citizens of the 37th State Senate District already know Doug Hawkins is insane. Pointing it out to them is a waste of time.

Isn’t there a senate race to meddle in somewhere? Some money to raise? Votes to buy? Maybe some legitimate work to be done… like pointing out idiots like Frank Simon have seriously violated campaign finance law again and again? Never hear anything about the real wrongdoers. We want some real leadership. Not bickering over a website.

Jennifer, don’t you know? Doug will protect you!

2 thoughts on “KDP Files Ethics Complaint Against Doug Hawkins

  1. I think they are still working on the Bob Henderson stealing the dirt case. After four years they still can’t decide if he stole the dirt.

  2. In fairness to Doug, I think that link has been on his page for a long time. It used to lead to a web page about himself and his district. Several Council Members have them, Fleming and Heiner for example.

    That website was long dormant and had not been updated in years. I think Steve ?? (name escapes me) designed it and when he passed away it went dormant.

    When he took his URL and assigned it to a new web page he may have not realized he had a link out there.

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